The X - Givecoin

Start 26.2.2019, 19.00 in the Servus Club Room

A event between Euro - Gibling - Givecoin and XGiveCoin

We as artists are always looking for new perspectives on our system of values. Our conventional money has come of age and is therefore also referred as FIAT money.

The Gibling is a payment system of Punkaustria with a negative interest rate. It was initiated 2012 by STWST. Due to a negative interest, the Gibling loses value every year and therefore it has to be kept in circulation. If you want to avoid the loss of value, you have to change the Gibling into the new edition every year. The editions are always designed by other artists. Alternatively to the money value, or the loss of value, one can hope or believe in an artificial value (art value). All Giblings have to be destroyed with each new edition. The Gibling of

The Givecoin is a crypto currency of STWST, the Blockchain was initiated in 2014 and has no nominal value. From 2019, the Givecoin form of “Private Keys” can be printed on the Gibling or any other banknote. From 26.2.2019 on you can come to STWST during office hours with your Giblings or other bank notes and print them yourself with Givecoins on it. This action is initially limited to 5000 Givecoins. The “private key” on your money can also generate an artificial value in the future. Through the printed “Private Key”, the Givecoin value can be reinserted into the Blockchain and the “WebWallet” via our web interface. The givecoin of STWST

The XGiveCoin - 26.2.2019

The Givecoin is only as a transfer medium to XGiveCoin and can be changed via a web interface in XGivecoins. The XGiveCoin is implemented on the basis of a other blockchain technology. The protocol “Cryptonote” allows completely anonymous transactions. Each Givecoin can be exchanged via an Givecoinaddress in 1000 XGivecoins. The XGiveCoin can also be mined normally. With the event on 28.2.2019 the possibilities of this blockchain should be discussed. We also have to discuss the “Proof of Chaos” or inplementing Contracts in the Blockchain. The XGiveCoin the STWST