STWST 2021 STILL More vs. Less:
We are going into extension with reality.

This is the beginning of the STWST year:

STILL Statement
More vs Less Digitalisation, Still More Context
STILL New Art Contexts: Still Streaming - Infolab - Quasikunst - DeckDock - Koops - STWST48x7 - etc
ESSDC: Eleonore Still S(D)reaming Dawn Concerts
Anti-Anthropocene: Concerts for NOBODY - Concerts for EVERYBODY
STWST is Part of Exhibitions: From Kunsthalle Linz to Electropixel Nantes

Special: Welcome Polly - till April 25th.

STILL More vs Less Mission Statement

STWST's annual claim already hit the nail on the head in 2020:
That meant MORE-VS-LESS reality check all last year.

In 2021, with STWST 2021 STILL MORE VS LESS, we take up a continued reality that is situated between rest, freeze frame, “still” and “still here” - and which stands for continuity, unwaveringness and moving on.
STILL counter-validity zones, non-zero-sum games, rational and irrational approaches driven by questions of a more, a less and above all an OTHER: This year we will continue to push processes and projects that make a difference. The background remains equally explosive - and is only fuelled by the conditions caused by the pandemic: Against the backdrop of imbalances, distribution struggles, resource scarcity, ecological barriers, social issues, access issues, fears for the future, attempts at redistribution, visions of self-limitation, awareness precariousness, against the backdrop of egalitarianism, levelling, a scene of the many against the few, the battle of avant-garde, elites, critical mass and centre-extremists, before all these apparent and actual questions of a more or less, the STWST thematises the silent embrace of Big Data, Big Brother, Big Business and now - in continued reality and on a completely unabstract, unexpected level realised reality of the great annihilator pandemic - the questions of an Other and of alternatives. We also take a look in 2021 at other concepts and strategies driven by questions of a more, but above all a less and an ambiguous STILL - in the Reality Check and within the theory, research and practice tracks of the house. The theme continues the questions of information, content and physical-digital perception - STILL with projects and processes that deal with self-efficacy, autonomy and self-sufficiency. STILL More vs Less finds itself as an all-in backup in the STWST Club. And so that things don't get too dreary: We start the year in the somewhat contradictory self-image of STILL self-expression and empowerment: what good is revolution if I can't dance STILL to it. […]

More vs Less Digitalisation, Still More Context

STWST has always understood how to appropriate means and media, to use them emancipatively and also to turn them against themselves in the artistic act (if it is meant to be). This year, the common bracket of “less” and “still” for all STWST departments refers to acting in the current situation and continuing to use digital and non-digital tools. This is to be approached in the house as a joint curatorial working bracket and expanded context. Especially since the question of the possibilities, critique and alternatives of IT, content and digitalisation is essential and constantly grounded in the existing working tracks of the New Art Contexts, can be turned anew and can also be juxtaposed with real situations with the different practice and audience areas of the STWST. As far as the current situation of the pandemic, the pushed digitalisation including the “alternativeless” shifts from real spaces to digital space is concerned:
The way of content, imaging, transfer and the underlying question of use on the part of the users is definitely a question that is interesting for all departments of the STWST - especially in critical reflection and in differently intended use. For example, as an approach to Still Less Streaming (“Stream plays the work, forgets the space”), the Infolab (“The present lasts 3 seconds”), quasi-art (interior “immersion”), or even the club (concerts for NOBODY, concerts for EVERYBODY). All of this together forms a re-shift to the artistic act as the centre of cultural activity. Especially the latter, an acting without an audience, obviously points to a different concept of the public sphere, which is almost located in the anti-anthropocene and can also be further developed in this way. We see it as a strength to discuss an “open concept of coherence” on the basis of different STWST areas from art, media and music club to the social spheres of Cafe Strom, also in an operational way. A curating concept will be developed that emerges from the concrete working practices of an autonomous art and culture venue. Because we don't develop our expertise in cultural management courses. Nor do we develop our online expertise in distance learning at Humbold!

STILL New Art Contexts

The New Art Contexts are up and running - with preps to the research and art tracks. These are:

  • Infolab: The present lasts 3 seconds, and other projects (More to Come)
  • Quasikunst: Afterglow/Counterworld Cinema, Nik, or: Its the content, stupid (More to Come)
  • DeckDock: Data Harvesting Machine, Notnoponton (More to Come)
  • Coops in the city and internationally, spring and summer 2021 (More to Come)
  • STWST48x7, 10 - 12 September STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER

In addition, 2 STWST publications on Quasikunst and Infolab are about to be published.
Preview of Quasikunst/DEEP ART CONTEXT, ISBN and ordering soon. (in german)

Still Streaming


In 2021, streaming concerts will take place at dawn on the measuring ship Eleonore. As a counter-concept to streaming as a substitute venue, we are concerned with the streamability of the work and the unstreamability of the space. For our first concert we will have Untergrundel Audiovision on and below deck.

  • Streaming Less: More to Come.

Sounds Like Anti-Anthropocene


4 Konzertabende im Mai sind im Doppelmodus geplant: Die Konzerte werden als Live-Stream, bzw Concert-On-Demand zum Nachsehen bereitgestellt. UND: Falls möglich, auch mit Publikum! STWST CLUB im Mai 2021

  • STILL More vs Less Sound I - CONCERTS FOR NO ONE

In March, 2 evenings will take place in the STWST hall in total exclusion of the public. If nothing else is possible, then we think radically differently about the essence of cultural events and art: the most important thing is that things happen. That means: we summon musicians, bands, sound artists, technicians and the sound, the house, the mixing desk and the lighting system, the on and off switches, the electric circuits and the disco ball on the ceiling, the spilled beer on the floor and the plaster on the walls, in other words: we solemnly throw on all the human and non-human parts of the sound system in order to play with exquisite sound artists in the house for nobody and at the same time for the whole universe. Be square, DON'T be there. STWST CLUB im März 2021



4 concert nights in May are planned in double mode: The concerts will be made available as a live stream, or Concert-On-Demand for re-watching. AND: If possible, also with audience! Streaming-Link per Club site!!! STWST CLUB im Mai 2021


STWST is Part of Exhibitions

STWST @Kunsthallen Linz
In the last two weeks of April, Stadtwerkstatt will be staging both Kunsthallen Linz in parallel. Art made by the STWST collective, by artists and labourers, in a practice of constantly redefining art contexts.
Both halls full of piles of tiles, money and feathers: Circulating Matters and Redistribution Now.
Smooth Extended Supersoft to no Openings at both places from 15-19 h.
Means: 15:00 h Hauptlatz 1 und 16:00 h Salonschiff Florentine Kunsthalle Linz.


Summer 2021: Exchange APO33 (Nantes/F) und STWST (Linz/A)

Exhibition July 3 - Aug 29, 2021
Stadtwerkstatt was invited to Electropixel in Nantes for a summer exhibition.

Eleonore Residency by APO-Artists in Jul/Aug
and Performance on Fr., July 23


48 Hours Absolutely OOM

Totalitarianism, dystopia, disorientation and dissolution: STWST is working on even more dematerialisation.

With OUT OF MATTER we are engaging in unbounded electromagnetic space, diffuse spheres, dissolved entities, de-confined systems. We send, darken, glow and grow. We have light, antennas, microbioms and underground. We work with exemplary positions and oppositional energy. Along the way we build open spaces and a dematerialised museum.

After a total crash of Media Art and the all-over capitalistic market places we‘re thinking some coordinates of art and technology, information and nature, material and abstraction. We deconstruct and rematerialise to show unmediated pieces – in the name of the not-answering OOM! Our intentions are basic needs and matters to keep the systems open. What are our materials? What are our resources? What are our matters?

STWST48 is a 48 hours showcase-extravaganza in September. STWST48 invites international artists and also shows new art contexts developed in and around Stadtwerkstatt. With OUT OF MATTER Stadtwerkstatt is doing it‘s 7th edition of the annual 48-hours-nonstop-showcase-extravaganza.

Start: Friday, Sept 10th, 18:00
End: Sunday, Sept 12th, 18:00


365 Days Exhibition

t turns out that a largely event-free house can be seen as a permanently growing exhibition. At first it was about works that have already been shown. But the situation grows in 2021. Artists who are friends are invited.
An empty house in an empty house: STWST welcomes the friends of art with POLLY!
In STWST till April 25th.

Das ganze Jahr im Aufsperrmodus - hier kurz vorm Aufsperren im Mai:

Status end of April, 2021 - More content soon.
Photo credits: STWST, STWST/Versorgerin, on request.