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An acoustic installation on the Elbe from 5.5. until 18.6.2017

In May and June, foreign bird cultures from “JENSEITS DES WASSERS” invade Hamburg at dusk and populate the harbor area for a few hours. As soon as they come, they are gone again; like the cargo on ships.

The hybrid and artificial bird creatures mix with the local bird species and the usual sounds of the Port of Hamburg between jetties, Elbphilharmonie and Elbbrücken. This creates a new reality, a symbolic sound space in which the distance of the human being between nature and media experience is addressed.

“They all exchange their traditional dress, and the astonished world no longer recognizes who their fruit and their species are.” (William Shakespeare from “A Midsummer Night's Dream” 1595/96, printed 1600)

With their songs, the artificial “bird cultures” created by Wolfgang Dorninger create a sensory environment, a space of thought in which topical issues such as migration, genetic engineering or biotechnology can be easily negotiated.The attempts of man to raise quality leaps in nature by means of technology are under the To argue that “culture may be against nature” (Patrick Dandrey).

“BEYOND WATER” is an eleven-channel sound installation by Austrian artist Wolfgang Dorninger.

The Sound - Beyound the Water:

A small dialogue between the Hamburg Seagulls and the artificial birds of “Beyond the Water”.

Hybrid Birds: Fulmarus glacialoides digitalis Gen.3, Larus smithsonianus digitalis Gen.3, Anas platyrhynchos & AnserinaePt digitalis, ….

Virtual Birds: Alcedo atthis synthesis Gen.3, Exotic birdtweet synthesis, Cygnus olor synthesis Gen.2, ……

Wolfgang (Fadi) Dorninger

Supported by the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Kulturbehörde.

Teilfinanziert von:


Galerie Genscher

Participating clubs were KV Stadtwerkstatt (Linz), Galerie Genscher (Hamburg) und die MS Stubnitz (Hamburg)
The cooperation of these clubs resulted from the Artists in Residency Programm der Stadtwerkstatt 2012

The project took place from 5.5. until 18.6.2017 on the Hamburg Elbe in the area from the Landungsbrücken to the Hafen City. In the landing bridges area, 3 sound channels were active in different directions.

Bild 2: 3 Soundkanäle in 3 Richtungen
Bild 1: Technik Landungsbrücken

Im Bereich der Hafencity wurde auf der MS Stubnitz 5 Soundkanäle in 5 verschieden Richtungen gespielt.

Die MS Stubnitz

The Ms Stubtnitz is with the sound installation on the Harbour Birthday Hamburg 3.5.2016 and with the Theater Festival Theater of the World Hamburg on May 25 - June 11, 2017, the Stubnitz was relocated 300 meters down the Elbe.