The Stadtwerkstatt is for all, but not for everyone.

The most important principles:

  • Anti-discrimination: Since its foundation, STWST has seen itself as an anti-sexist, anti-racist and anti-fascist place of struggle in an open society. STWST is a place where discrimination based on origin, skin colour, external characteristics, gender, sexual orientation and other forms of discrimination is not tolerated.
  • Open access and participation: STWST endeavours to provide more open access for people who, for various reasons, can only participate in social life to a limited extent. This means, for example, accessibility, inclusive assistance or non-commercial zones in the building.
  • Awareness: The Stadtwerkstatt is a multi-directional and diversely programmed space that operates continuously day and night. Therefore, there cannot be ONE concept that reacts uniformly to all circumstances. The rules of respectful interaction and mutual awareness between guests, visitors and the team always apply. In addition, there are more specific awareness concepts on certain event days, which are displayed separately.
  • Safer spaces: STWST endeavours to create a place where the nightlife zone is safe. So much for the general safer space. In addition, STWST also runs or hosts events that use more specific programmes to create dedicated safer spaces for people or groups of people who experience discrimination in everyday life. More specific concepts are also displayed for these events.
  • No harassment, no sexualised violence: STWST is an open space, but not without rules. The lines in dealing with each other may be fluid - but the following still applies: “No means No” or “Only Yes means Yes”. Please remember: The perception of the person being harassed counts. STWST does not tolerate sexualised violence of any kind. We would like to point out that both sexual assaults and the administration of knockout drops are criminal offences.
  • Something happens to you - contact persons: HERE IT‘S NOT A SHIELD THAT PROVIDES ORDER, but a crew of employees. If needed, contact people with crew T-shirts, people at the entrance or the bar staff. We will endeavour to help as best we can. In addition, guests of STWST and Cafe Strom are also called upon not to ignore or tolerate misbehaviour, but to get help or contact the team.
  • Something has happened to you - feedback: Yes, life is not always safe. And yes, we can't fix all social problems in nightlife. But if something has happened to you at STWST that isn't right, we want to know about it. In that case, please send an email to
  • The usual: There is water for everyone at the Cafe Strom, at the extra tap to the left of the bar. You will find hearing protection at the entrance to the venue.

Have fun at the STWST.