Discursive media

Versorgerin / since the Nienties - ongoing

Versorgerin. Newspaper of Stadtwerkstatt: Stadtwerkstatt releases the quarterly “Versorgerin” with contributions about Stadtwerkstatt and to the transformation of politics and culture. Many of its authors are standing in the tradition of critical theory.


Die Referentin / since 2015 - ongoing

Die Referentin. Kunst und kulturelle Nahversorgung: In cooperation with Versorgerin and as an independent newspaperDie Referentin appears also as a quarterly - and as a local complement to Versorgerin. Together, they stress the importance of print media and discourse.


Strom um sieben / 2017 - 2018

Stadtwerkstatt is inextricably linked from the outset with a self-understanding of autonomy, activism, subculture and, last but not least, a practice of media and art contexts that are to be redefined over and over again. There were many discussions and debates on countless topics. For example: In 2017/18 every three months, Café Strom was the venue for debates on art, culture, media and politics, with two guests to be invited. Some more examples for topics and debates.

Eleonore TV / 2011 - ongoing

At the beginning of the discussion with new contexts of art and autonomy were the subjects of ships and water. About every first Tuesday of the month the Eleonore ship is sending themes between art, nature, information and autonomy - or invites friends or befriended initiatives.

Archive Cpt Mnemo


Is a project of Infolab and a regular broadcast on Radio Fro. The project was concerned with real coincidence and parallel worlds. Radio Fro takes the stream once a month.
Broadcasting time: Every third Tuesday of the month at 22.00

Marushkas Dreampunk TV 2015/2016

Contributions about art, ships and water, which were created in 2015 and 2016. They are collected on the video channel DreampunkTV. All films can also be accessed via a Vimeo Channel.

Dorkboat 2015/2016

In 2015 and 2016, around the artists-in-residence-ship Eleonore there were always films, screenings and installations to see.