Is drinking Prosecco already Media Art? While Official Linz is celebrating the Unesco City of Media Arts this year, Stadtwerkstatt 2018 proclaimed the PROSECCO CITY OF MEDIA ARTS. The serious programming is still working, merchandising is already started - that's how we learned it. And more seriously: Media art is and media art criticism has been the basis of artistic programming since the early days of Stadtwerkstatt.

Picture: Rainer Zendron - Frühstück in der Kurve.

Efeu Ex / 2012 - ongoing

IVY EXtended is an installation on the facade of the Stadtwerkstatt. The installation means growing nature, water circulation, a steampunk machine, a system of a pneumatic machine, entropy, technology, questions of information and the formular of Ludwig Boltzmann - one of the fathers of informationtechnology. The idea of a technical WILD IVY growing over the house of Stadtwerkstatt was already born in 1991, before the internet started to change our lifes with the World Wide Web. After IVY EX Stadtwerkstatt started the Infolab.

Infolab / 2013 - ongoing
–> currently: STWST goes Taipei Nov 2018
Givecoin Blockchain Mai 2018


The Infolab is an open laboratory format that the Stadtwerkstatt has been running for several years. The Infolab is looking for new definitions of new media or information. Information is not only important in technology It is also the engine in evolution. The goal is to look at the concept of information from an artistic perspective. Therefore, Infolab supports art and communication projects in which the concept of information deviates from the information-theoretical concept of Claude Shannon. Infolab has existed since 2012 to ensure autonomy and creativity in a global, rational information society.

No Architects / ongoing

No Architects refers to the spontaneous, the living, the wild. No Architects is the recurring motto of Stadtwerkstatt, because here is the potential of creativity, for new spaces and projects between art, nature, information and social issues. It is about planning and wild growth, about freedom in ideas and about improvisation.

QUASIKUNST / 2014 - ongoing

Dichotomies, contradictions. Contexts that question other contexts. All Opposites inclusive.
Quasikunst at STWST48x2 (2016) was defined as: „… a research initiative, conceived for Stadtwerkstatt. Quasikunst in its research mode positions itself in Stadtwerkstatts New Art Contexts. And although being apparently “low-tech”-oriented, Quasikunst arranges systemic constants of technology and art.

Gibling / 2012 - ongoing
Art as currency, currency as art
The Gibling started in 2012 and is a community currency, similar to a regional currency. On the other hand, the Gibling is an art project on its own. Each year the banknotes are designed by a new artist. In the interplay of art and currency the Gibling is building an own art collections since 2016

STWST48 / 2015 - ongoing

STWST48 is a 48-hour non-stop festival in September. STWST48 presents results from the Infolabs, from formats of Stadtwerkstatts art production, of local and international artists, of Quasikunst, and also the results of the Residencies of the artists that take place on the Eleonore during the summer. The artists are present at the time of STWST48 in Linz. STWST48 takes place parallel to the Ars Elecronica and is carried out with support of the AEC.

STWST48 / 2015 - Crashing the Info
STWST48x2 / 2016 - Non Stop. Not Comply
STWST48x3 / 2017 - MIND LESS
STWST48x4 / 2018 - SLEEP

Deckdock / 2009 - ongoing
100 Meter Riverbank in the Center of Linz - Close to the Nibelungenbrücke

DoNAUtics doNOWtic / 2011 - ongoing

Art after “New Media”.
Donautics is a group of artists, boat people and programmers who are working on and with vessels. Vessels/island have to be intependend and and work autonomously. This vessels could be seen as islands in our global world of information.

Artists In Residence / 2011 - ongoing

Each year we invite a up to 6 artists to come to Linz on a Boat in the Linzer harbour. For local artists we have a Boats as a residence place in Monnickendam(Amsterdam) and in Hamburg.

Lower East Site / since 2017

4040 LOWER EAST SITE - a project for urban expansion. As an extension, the Danube area opens up from Stadtwerkstatt to the Salonschiff Florentine, and the whole area will be branded under 4040 LOWER EAST SITE in September for the first time. LOWER EAST SITE is a cooperation between Stadtwerkstatt and Salonschiff Florentine, presented first during STWST48x3.

TREFFPUNKT AFRIKA / 2010 - ongoing

“Treffpunkt Afrika” is a biennial format that has already been implemented in 2010, 2012 and 2014. It will also take place in Sept 2018. Stadtwerkstatt has a multidisciplinary approach with concerts, film screenings and the heart of the festival - a high-caliber symposium.

Stadtwerkstatt as Public Space / November 2017 - ongoing

The STWST takes up the issue of “publicity and displacement”, which LINZimPULS has launched. In the public areas of the STWST, it is to be noted that the problems of society as a whole are not only clearly visible here, but that the repressions that are happening elsewhere in the city have increasingly had to be absorbed in recent years. From November 2017 onwards, the STWST declares the public areas of the house to the research zone with the working title “Die Stadtwerkstatt as Public Space”.

Everything gone well so far.

NEW CONTEXT STAGING / November 2017 - ongoing

New Context Staging in 2018 is a format, that seeks to accommodate contemporary performative trends, as it enriches with a special approach of Stadtwerkstatts New Art Contexts. New Context Staging settles per se in progressive directions, as it sees itself underpinned by several aspects of STWST.

Veranstaltungen / ongoing

Besides music events or lectures various formats and events are continually organized in the context of the art and from a political point of view. Here are some examples from the year 2016.

Regular Events

Webshop / ongoing

The Stadtwerkstatt-Webshop is a current “Project” of the Stadtwerkstatt because it is in the revision mode. Nevertheless, find nice things under: