STWST 2021 STILL MORE VS LESS / Annual Claim 2021

STWST 2021 STILL More vs. Less. With reality we go into extension.
STWST 2021 STILL More vs. Less

2020/more vs. Less, 2019/Stay Unfinished, 2018/Prosecco City of Media Arts, …

Efeu Ex / 2012 - ongoing

IVY EXtended is an installation on the facade of STWST. The installation means growing nature, water circulation, a steampunk machine, a system of a pneumatic machine, entropy, technology, questions of information and the formular of Ludwig Boltzmann - one of the fathers of informationtechnology. The idea of a technical WILD IVY growing over the house of STWST was already born in 1991, before the internet started to change our lifes with the World Wide Web. After IVY EX Infolab started.

Infolab / 2013 - ongoing

2012 Cafe Strom: The Boltzmann formula as a reference to life in nature

The Infolab is a laboratory in a cosmological context and we use it to research new definitions of information technology. When dealing with information, technology is not the only important thing; it has shaped our culture and is the engine of evolution. Our goal is to look at the concept of information from an artistic perspective in order to create a new perspective. Through the art context, the concept of information can deviate from the information theory concept of Claude Shannon. The Infolab has been in existence since 2012, with the aim of further enabling autonomy and creativity in a global information society.

Mycelium Network Society / 2017 - ongoing

Mycelium Network Society (MNS) is a Stadtwerkstatt (Linz, Austria) and cycleX (Andes, New York) initiative to connect rhizomic mycelium network nodes. The MNS thematizes mushrooms, spores and mycelia as artistically intended, alternative information networks.
Image: mushroom@cycleX (2019) by Erwin Carl

QUASIKUNST / 2014 - ongoing

Dichotomies, contradictions. Contexts that question other contexts. All Opposites inclusive.
Quasikunst at STWST48x2 (2016) was defined as: „… a research initiative, conceived for Stadtwerkstatt. Quasikunst in its research mode positions itself in Stadtwerkstatts New Art Contexts. And although being apparently “low-tech”-oriented, Quasikunst arranges systemic constants of technology and art. Connection to NEW CONTEXT STAGING

Gibling / 2012 - ongoing
Art as Currency, currency as art: The Gibling started in 2012 and is a community currency, similar to a regional currency. On the other hand, the Gibling is an art project on its own. Each year the banknotes are designed by a new artist. In the interplay of art and currency the Gibling is building an own art collection. Edition 2020: OrtnerSchinko, Edition 2021: Shu Lea Cheang.

STWST48 / 2015 - ongoing

STWST48 is a 48-hour non-stop festival in September. STWST48 presents results from the Infolabs, from formats of Stadtwerkstatts art production, of local and international artists, of Quasikunst, and also the results of the Residencies of the artists that take place on the Eleonore during the summer. The artists are present at the time of STWST48 in Linz. STWST48 takes place parallel to the Ars Electronica and is carried out with support of the AEC.

STWST48 / 2015 - Crashing the Info
STWST48x2 / 2016 - Non Stop. Not Comply
STWST48x3 / 2017 - MIND LESS
STWST48x4 / 2018 - SLEEP
STWST48x6 / 2020 - MORE LESS
STWST48x7 / 2021 - OUT OF MATTER

DoNAUtics doNOWtic / 2011 - ongoing

Art after “New Media”.
Donautics is a group of artists, boat people and programmers who are working on and with vessels. Vessels/island have to be intependend and and work autonomously. This vessels could be seen as islands in our global world of information.

You Are What You Eat - Julian Stadon, Philipp Kolmann

DoNAUtics Programm 2021

Artists In Residence / 2011 - ongoing

Each year we invite up to 6 artists to come to a boat in the Linzer harbour.

Veranstaltungen / ongoing

In addition to music events and readings, various formats are continuously developed and organized in an art context and for current political reasons. Here are some examples: From Pimmel, Porn, Protest to the perennial festival series Treffpunkt Afrika to the ongoing project The Stadtwerkstatt as Public Space. Also a selection of individual events and series in cooperation with STWST Club.


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