Notnoponton 2021 – Under the Grid

In May, sculptural change starts at DeckDock, the STWST Donaulände:.
With Notnoponton 2021 - Under the Grid.

The Stadtwerkstatt-Donaulände is based on the potential of a natural-cultural space in the middle of the city and revolves around modularity, changeability and multiple usability. Familiar materials in urban space, in this case construction site fences, become non-intuitive design and are the starting point for an open process. With construction fences and areas braced with construction gauze, space is initially delimited and space is left out. So to speak 'Under the Grid' and 'Under Construction' new sculptural designs are created in a 2-weekly rhythm and selectively delivered to different uses. Thus, a sculpture, or an environment with site specification is built in the public space at the water. This seeks connection with the physically and socially existing urban zones on the Danube. The work refers to previous nature and new land projects of the STWST on the Lände - and to the way politics and society deal with these public zones on the water.

Sculptural Start: 1. Mai 2021
Opening: 28. May, from 17:00
End: Mitte September 2021
Notnoponton 1.21 – Under the Grid: Jakob Breitwieser

Context STWST 2021

The STWST-DeckDock, the green strip on the Donaulände, has become a rural-urban place over the years. In the middle of the center, the Lände offers space for art, nature, open space and wild growth. Since 2008, use and art happenings between free design concept, current topics and social sculpture take place there. The STWST area has repeatedly found its way into art and city exhibitions. NOTNOPONTON 2021 - Under the Grid is part of the continuous occupation of the STWST-Donaulände. It is located at the DeckDock of the Stadtwerkstatt-Donaulände on Danube Kilometre 2135.

In a broader context, this year STWST is also addressing the city of Linz's plans for conversion and greening, according to which the 40,000-square-meter so-called Urfahrmarkt site, a perennial parking lot in the middle of the city center, is to be transformed from a gray asphalt desert into a green leisure and recreation area as a public space on the Danube. In the name of climate change and the Tiefe Lände National Park: We already say YES to cultural harbours and island-building!

Some Impressions:

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Bilder: Jakob Breitwieser, tanjab