Even without events (temporarily cancelled due to corona), from 30 November onwards at the STWST-Donaulände: We have a Sitation here: Three mobile cabins on car trailers are an installation setting for warmth, food and art. Also on the Lände: In Gardens we live, English-Japanese garden design. And more.

In Gardens we live / Permaculture

Andrea Lehmann has been working on the Donaulände since autumn and, together with STWST, is creating an artistic concept about the spatial and public areas in the urban wild growth area. The background is the Danube Shore itself, which is operated by STWST at Danube kilometre 2135. Currently, an expanded concept of permaculture is also being developed, which Andrea Lehmann has already practised several times in her artistic work In Gardens we live and which will be expanded in the context of this year's Dunkellände. New lines will emerge between English and Japanese garden design, as well as various object and image fragments between wood cutting practice and artistic intervention. For the time being, the ongoing work can be seen as settings in public space, on individual walks to maintain physical and mental health during the recent lockdown.

We have a Situation here / Work in Progress

With the title We have a Situation here, Leo Schatzl describes the temporary occupation of public space by three prototypical mobile housings. The mobile cabins on car trailers stand for warmth - food - art and thus for basic social needs and social necessities. We have a Situation here forms metaphorical places and events with warmth - food - art and follows the idea of an anarchic economy of small units.

We have a Situation here will be installed as a setting in public space on 30 November. It will happen without openings, with artistic contributions by: Walentina Amman, Jana Ehls, Mimi Neitsch, David Moises and Christina Hartl-Prager, Blanca Rada-Roldan, Simon Reitmann, Mathias Schlägel, Jonathan Weiss and others.

We have a Situation here will take place in winter 2021 as part of the STWST setting Dunkellände, in cooperation with the Kunstuniversität Linz, and in continuation of several artistic interventions in public space since 2020, along the banks of the Danube and as a co-op of Salonschiff Frl. Florentine, STWST and Kunstuniversität Linz. Presentations that will be possible again after the lockdown will be announced at short notice.

Planned in January: Sauna and Social

And speaking of after the lockdown: it is planned to continue both the Danube Shore and the cabins in January, in these dark times with further invitations to artists and researchers as well as with sauna sessions in the mobile heat cabin. And of course with art and food supplies for everyone who can then socialise together again. Short-term announcement depending on Corona measures - more tba.


On view on the Lände since summer: Simon Pfeiffer's Halme, iron, 40x40x600cm, 2021. Simon Pfeiffer's work Halme was also created in 2021 as part of Leo Schatzl's course “Intermediary Laboratories” and the project “We have a SITuation here”.
“Every medium has its own language. I take this language and change it. The process creates new dimensions. What is created helps me express what I cannot put into words. It persists without me, stimulating the viewer mentally and emotionally, depending on each individual's perception.”


TanjaB, Dunkellände
Leo Schatzl, preparing in STWST art storage
Simon Pfeiffer: Halme
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