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Infolab 2020: The internet kills your soul. With complex information we are concerned with the imaginary part and this can and should be fun

We are in a socio-economic crisis - we think its a crisis of information - capitalism and technology. We are looking for solutions and new perspectives. However, our projects are not based solely on Claude Shannon, who erroneously attributes information theory - we think, with the information theory we made the greatest mistake of the last 70 years. In Infolab we focus on John Archibald Wheelers statement - Its from Bit..

The complex information

Our IT is shaped by information theory. It is based on “logically correct” conclusions and ultimately puts the individual and creativity in trouble. Information technology should focus on complex information. Similar to complex numbers, information could have an imaginary and a real part.

The Third Nature

The biological evolution correlates with the development of information. In the second nature the world divided with the consciousness into a real and imaginary part of information. The third nature arises with the digital revolution and imaginary information loses its importance.

Flammarion's wood engraving 1888 - unknown Artist

Nonstop Screening of Infolabs

The term “Digital Physics” partially coincides with the thinking models of the Infolabs to make these ideas accessible to the public, we run a video clip in the room of 3 weeks (from 20.8 to 10.9) with the following Programm or check our Infolab Youtube channel

The autonomous information network on ships

Ships are islands, they offer autonomous structures. That's why we work a lot on ships. We have been working on ways to reflect the Internet for several years. In order to get an observer status on this powerful information network you have to be able to disconnect yourself from the system. We try that with our own autonomous information network. The first experiments started in 2006. 2011 Armin Medosch wrote a text about it. In 2016 we extended our experiments with SlowScanTv from our ship in Linz. From this followed the information network "7067 -Its not a Test". Based on image transfers, an alternative information network was created. Due to technical and content developments, however, bandwidth of the information network has been further reduced in order to achieve higher ranges.

Milestones were developed in 2016/2017 to make this network accessible to everyone.

More Work with independent networks you kan see at -