Aktuell: Mycelium Network Society and MNS at Biennale Taipeh 2018

Our socio-economic environment is in a crisis of information. We are looking for solutions and perspectives. However, our projects are not based solely on Claude Shannon, who erroneously attributes information theory - We also focus on John Archibald Wheeler statement - It from Bit. to find new ways.

In our projects we do not focus on , who mistakenly attributed information theory. We also focus on the testimony of

Flammarion's wood engraving 1888

Mycelium Network SocietyJan 2018
The Blockchain - Information creates truth Since Dec 2017
Maximal Info is real noise from Micro- or Macrokosmos Quatum Storm - Livestream Nov 2017
Infolab Youtube LIVE Channel Oct 2017
From Nothing to Something - convergence to zero by fx 1986-2017 Sept 2017

Our work was formerly known as Media Art is now close to the topic of Digital Physics

The Stadtwerkstatt has always been reacting to cultural developments with a certain immediacy. Contemporarily deteriorating conditions for creative work due to machinable information processing can be noted. Hence it is appropriate to investigate about the role of information in our society in order to come up with adequate solutions.

The Discourse to “Digital Physics” was started by Franz Xaver bis 2017 im Dialog with Armin Medosch.
The "Free Information Net" is in cooperation with Illutron, MS Stubnitz and Adnan Hadzi
In the “Mycelum Network” are working Shu Lea Cheang, “Taro” Klemens Knopp und Franz Xaver.

The Projects of Infolab