RADIOTOPIA - a rehearsal of spectrum takeover

CAMP RADIO MS STUBNITZ, Hamburg, July 12-16, 2022

documentation - impressions

with nonstop live signal stream 00:00-06:00, July 16 from the deck of MS.STUBNITZ.
streaming site: ,,

Hosted by STADTWERKSTATT/STWST (Linz, A) and MS STUBNITZ (Hamburg, DE)
in association with Ö1 KUNSTRADIO (Vienna), and ∏node (Paris/Mulhouse)
Initiated and organized by Shu Lea Cheang, Adriana Knouf and Franz Xaver

“RADIOTOPIA - a rehearsal of spectrum takeover” proposes a radio summercamp with international radio transmission artists at MS STUBNITZ in the waters of Hamburg. The 4 day CAMP RADIO STUBNITZ gathers artists who manifest new ways of engaging with the EM spectrum. Through gathering together, learning from each other in the spirit of sharing and openness, and working across boundaries (national, conceptual, planetary), we experiment with radio transmission in every medium possible - wifi, bluetooth, mobile, cb, amateur, and ISM bands in an attempt to legally broadcast, share, and claim the vast EM spectrum that is yet to be utilized as perceivable post-NET communication strategies.

MS Stubnitz, an 80-metre deep seas fishing fleet motorschiff from the German Democratic Republic era has since 1993 been transformed into a mobile platform for music, cultural production, documentation and communication. Currently docked at Hamburg port, MS Stubnitz serves as venues for live music, exhibitions, performances and media art.

Since 2009, STWST's Messschiff Eleonore, once a survey vessel, has been docked at the Danube harbor in Linz, powered by solar energy, equipped with radio components and modified to host artists in residency as part of Stadwerkstatt’s InfoLab activities. The radio beacons of Eleonore operate two transmitters - a 7 Mhz short-wave sending through WSPRnet and the geostationary satellite rising star Es'hail QO100. Both transmitters operate in different frequency ranges with the invisible electromagnetic space directly connected to the haptic world only via antennas.

∏node (Paris/Mulhouse) is an international artist collective, an experimental platform for the development of a hybrid web/FM radio format, and a radio emitting on the DAB+ frequencies in Paris and Mulhouse. ∏node questions the future artistic/social/political potential of radio by exploring its dimensions: its physicality (ether, radio waves and the electromagnetic spectrum), its spatiality (bandwidth, frequencies), its infrastructures (network of radio receivers/emitters), its methods of production and editorial content management (programming boards/teams, recording studios), its methods of metadata reception (RDS/SDR), its history (free radio and pirate radio movements), and its legislation.

Kunstradio (Vienna) was founded in 1987 as a weekly space for radio-art on OE1 - the cultural channel of the Austrian National Radio (ORF). Kunstradio defines itself as a point of access for artists to the unique context of National Public Radio. Artists have linked the space and infrastructure of Public Radio with independent radios, private studios, performance and installation spaces to realise an astonishing array of artistic reflection of radio as a medium and radio as a technology. In 1995 Kunstradio On Line ( was founded by artists and has since become a unique site and archive of radio-art as well as an art-project in its own right.

Following MAKE ME A SIGNAL of 4 hour streaming during STWST48x7 in 2021, RADIOTOPIA - a rehearsal of spectrum takeover proposes OPEN formats of experimentation that includes antenna building, workshops, performance, streaming, talk strategies and planning for a sustainable infrastructure set up during the 4 day radiocamp at MS.STUBNITZ.


On board at MS.STUBNITZ -
Felix Stockmar
Urs Blaser (blo)
Natalie Nebel
pesco -

from Austria/vienna/linz
Franz XAVER -
Phillip Leitner -
Elisabeth Zimmermann -

from Berlin
Elektra Wagenrad -
kate Donovan -
Seamus -
Marta Zapparoli -
Daniela Silvestrin -

Across Europe & USA
Adriana Knouf -
Daniela De Paulis -
Heidi Neilson -
Julien Clauss -
Nicolas Montgermont -
Shu Lea Cheang -

Social Kitchen madness from STWST’s own kitchen
jan-nahuel jenny

July 16 signal streams is joined by
Tetsuo Kogawa -
DinahBird & Jean-Philippe Renoult -
Afroditi Psarra -



MAKE ME A SIGNAL – archive at ∏node

Archive at Radio FRO

„Radiokunst“ als Utopie - Text von Rosa Windt für dieVersorgerin Juni
English version "Radiokunst“ als Utopie