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La Generale, Paris

April 13, 2024

          Radiotopia gathers artists who manifest new ways of engaging
          with the EM spectrum. Through gathering together, learning
          from each other in the spirit of open sharing, working
          across boundaries (conceptual, planetary), RADIOTOPIA
          experiments with radio transmission in every medium possible
          - wifi, bluetooth, mobile, cb, amateur, and ISM bands in an
          attempt to legally broadcast, disseminate, and claim the
          vast EM spectrum that is yet to be utilized as
          perceivable post-NET communication strategies. After 3
          editions of RADIOTOPIA (hosted by STWST, Linz, Austria) -
          (1)Make me a signal -  prelude to Radiotopia (Linz, 2021)
          (2) Radiotopia - a rehearsal of spectrum takeover (MS
          Stubnitz, Hamburg, 2022) (3) Radiotopia - make me a tent -
          latency and legacy (Linz, 2023), p-node (
          <>) hosts the 4th edition of Radiotopia at
          La Generale, Paris on April 13, 2024.
          At the moment we are at planning stage for this Paris
          edition of Radiotopia. We hope to further explore antenna
          building, EM spectrum, signals and data,  for a day of
          sharing knowledges, mediating futures and realizing a signal
          enhanced, sonically expanded collective performance.


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previous events:

2022 Radiotopia at anual show in Stadtwerkstatt Linz: STWST48x8
2022 Radiotopia in Hamburg at MS Stubnitz: Radiotoia Stubnitz 2022
2021 Radiotopia at Eleonore STWST48x7