Art as Currency, currency as art: The Gibling started in 2012 and is a community currency, similar to a regional currency. On the other hand, the Gibling is an art project on its own. Each year the banknotes are designed by a new artist. In the interplay of art and currency the Gibling is building an own art collection.

Information as well as a list of all partners and exchange offices can be found on

Shu Lea Cheang - Gibling 2021

STWST and proudly present:
The new Gibling, designed by SHU LEA CHEANG, comes into circulation as a refreshed transfusion!

The artist describes it as follows:

Welcome to the BioNet / Your body infiltrated / Your microbe compromised / Your red blood micro-computes / Your red blood codes DNA / Your red blood is your current currency / Shove me with your bloody money / G for Giblings / Giblings for giving / Giving for forgiving / Shake me hands / Hold me tight / I want your wet data / Make me a red pill / Swallow the red pill / SenSexual AutoInduction / Your pleasure our business / You and I don’t live the same viral reality.

The new Gibling is valid from 15 June 2021.

PRESENTATION of the new Gibling by Shu Lea Cheang:
25 June, from 5 pm, STWST Donaulände
In case of bad weather in STWST building. Including gibling exhibition and DISPOSITION of the old gibling

As always, the new community currency can be exchanged in 1, 2 and 5 notes at Cafe Strom, at the Gibling machine in the Lichthof and at Punkaustria. And: The new art investment of the Gibling edition is also available with a 1, 2, 5 and 500 note for € 500 per art edition. Order Gibling edition:,

ORTNERSCHINKO - Gibling 2020

New Gibling, black on black: From 15 June 2020 the new Gibling from OrtnerSchinko is valid. A dark community currency in times of digitalized money flows, of black money, goldrush and crisis in one. As always, the new community currency can be exchanged in 1, 2 and 5 notes at Punkaustria, in small and large amounts.And: The new art investment of the OrtnerSchinko-Edition is available in 1, 2, 5 and 500 notes for € 500.00 per art edition.

OrtnerSchinko-GIBLING-PRESENTATION - 2020, Fr, Juni 19, 19:00

+++ CHANGE GIBLINGE +++ before Christmas - Do, 17. Dez 2020, 14-18 h.
In real in front of STWST and as Gibling Shoping Channel.

Order Gibling edition:,

Peter Weibel - Gibling 2019

KRANK-NOTE for Punkaustria! The 8th edition of the Gibling was designed by Peter Weibel. The new Gibling was released in the middle of June.

Gibling Edition
A complete set with the 1-, 2- and 5-Gibling-Note and above all with the 500-Gibling art currency note signed by Peter Weibel. Available in STWST office.

Also available: Gibling Money Clamp Set

Impressions of the presentation
Presentation and burning of the old Gibling on July 12th at the Danube Shore.

Before the burning © Holger Watermann
Exchange © Holger Watermann
There is also older money Foto © Holger Watermann

Currently also valid notes

In addition to Peter Weibel's “Kranknote”, Eva Grün's banknote is still valid until 2020 - although it has already been burned. See Validity of the Gibling


Community Currency: The Gibling is a community currency, which was founded by the Stadtwerkstatt Linz in 2012. The Gibling is a currency with Gibling partners, exchange offices, value creation and money destruction. At the same time the Gibling questiones the economic system money as a currency of art. In addition to economic crises and speculative transactions, the topic is given additional impetus by intentions to abolish cash. The Gibling

Julius Deutschbauer

Money as art: The Gibling as a project focuses on these connections and tests local autonomy and alternative practice. The 1's, 2's and 5's notes are designed by artists who take up the themes of money and autonomy, and, together with an art 500 Gibling, they are published as editions (In the picture: Edition by Julius Deutschbauer). Alle Notes

Gibling Art Collection: Furthermore, since 2016, the Stadtwerkstatt has been operating a collection of Gibling art under the motto “The Gibling collects art”, thus appealing to economic-ideological statements such as “Let your money work”. The Gibling is now personalized to an art collectors, who make the art work. Gibling Art Collection



In addition to the daily exchange offices, the gibling can now also be exchanged in the vending machine. At the moment there is a vending machine in the entrance area of STWST.

Temporary exchange offices are also set up for a wide variety of events.