STWST 48x5 Infolab 2019

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Bringing the sand
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The concave form
The form as antenna working

  It is worse than any climate crisis, the microplasty in the oceans, Ebola and other pandemics. If we are not careful, we lose control of the information. The effects can already be seen in the crazy media and in the political debate. WE MUST ACT

A concave sand hole with a diameter of 12 metres is being dug in front of the Stadtwerkstatt. With this hole the hydrogen radiation of the universe is bundled in a focal point. A receiver records the different intensity of the radiation from the past.

  Question: Why do we still build sculptures? Answer: Because it's fun and we can transport information.

Title of the Setup:

The Previous Layers

2002 Unrealised roundabout for space time

Grafik © Peter Hauenschild

1996 Construction of a 16m rotating template to achieve a parabolic shape
Sulpture Garden in Katzow - Germany

Foto © 1996 Skulturenpark Katzow - Thomas Radeloff

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NegInformation in the time space

Negentropy is the driving force of evolution. It seems that negentropy contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. It says that entropy must always increase.

Boltzmann and Schrödinger worked with the concept of Negentropy. Von Neumann, Alan Turing and Oswald Wiener were the pioneers of information theory. They created the basis of today's information technology. Information thus developed into a physical quantity via life in nature, which was defined in Claude Shannon's information theory. As a result, logical thinking became the goal of a new world order. Induviduality, creativity, intuition and art are pushed further into the background.

We now receive the hydrogen of the universe from a distance of several million light years from the distant past to the present. In this past, evolution was not so far advanced, but the development of information is already at the beginning of the universe. We name this received signal from the past with the artificial word “NegInformation”. The term “NegInformation” makes no sense in the logical world of digital machines.

Art comes from artificial, and artificial are also our digital machines, which more and more determine our new world order. Although human creativity has made this development possible, it will no longer be absolutely necessary in the future. Let us now hand over the art of the media to the machines and concentrate on other possibilities. As a first step, we should look for new perspectives on the development of information. This requires understanding the development of the information society and defining positions that do not exist in a logical world order.

Basically, the concept of information theory should be questioned. Information theory should not be characterized by the idea to transfer a message as efficiently as possible from one place to another, but an information theory should stand in a cosmological context. In this sense we return to the very beginning of information development. In the beginning there was hydrogen and with its symmetries and harmonies it offers us the first indication of information. Furthermore, information needs a past in order to create something new in the present. The factor of time thus becomes an important component of information.

Time can be defined by oscillation and an oscillation can be illustrated by a wave. Oscillations and waves offer a repetition on the time axis, and they are a tool to measure temporal changes. The wavelength of an electromagnetic wave is directly related to a shape in space over the length of an electrical conductor. Hydrogen emits an electromagnetic wave at 1420 MHz, which can be received by our antenna with a wavelength of 21cm. The shape of the antenna is thus directly related to this basic element of the universe.

At STWST48x5 a 12 meter sand hole is dug to absorb the hydrogen radiation of the universe. The larger we build this reflector antenna, the deeper we can look back into space in time. We can receive this radiation from different stages of the evolution of the universe at the same time. This radiation of the event spreads through space at the speed of light. With our sand hole we can probably look up to 10 million light years into the past. So we get a senseless signal of “NegInformation” and this stands for a position where we get a different perspective on evolution and the nature of information.

With this setup, individuality, intuition, creativity and art are to regain a position in the development of our future.

An abstraction of the information society is necessary to get a new “layer” about the world of digital machines. This layer can only be installed over the humanities or art and must be above the physical layers of information technology. My long-time friend Armin Medosch, who works under the domain The Next Layer, did an important network-critical work on this.

The Previous Laver

40 years after the foundation of Stadtwerkstatt we receive with our antenna the radiation V538Aurigae in the constellation of the Aurigia. V538Aurigae is located exactly 40 light years away from Earth. The light and hydrogen radiation of this star hits the earth this year and can be seen and heard through our sand hole.