Information works in the field of truth and fiction

Previously it was appraisals now it is blockchains about which truths are created. Stadtwerkstatt - Infolab launched a blockchain (download) in the context of art and in relation to Gibling in spring 2014.

Graphics for Alpbach - Currency Exchange Gibling - Bitcoin - Muqua2013

We are in a crisis of information. The technological handling of the information is always easier, more individualized information available. The concept of truth is questioned. At present, truth is defined by law of science of the land in which one lives and the laws of God. Truths are also created through appraisals. With increasing information but exactly the opposite opinions can be true. Depending on how much effort one manages to obtain information. The alternative is the creation of values ​​and truths about algorithms. There are various Blockchaintechnoplogie in which one tries to generate values ​​over obtuse computing power. These values ​​are also values ​​of logic, which is always better to judge against the interpretation of the truth of the reviewers. MAschinen will win.

We do not trade givecoin at the moment with the Gibling or Bitcoin. It's just a blockchain to create a value over an algorithm. Our blockchain, like the bit coin, is under the algo- rithm of bitcoin. The values ​​are based on proof of work.