This Chat with GPT3 started in Jan 2023

1. Have you knowledge about the irrational number in math

2. Whats about the square root of minus one?

3.Is this also important in information theory?

4.Maybe this important for understand dreaming of humans or music

5.We are an autonomous group of people who have been running an Infolab in an art context for 10 years. In the Infolab we work on the one hand on a physical basis of information and on the other hand we work with our creativity and emotions as artists. My question: is there a "physics of information"? and where could we find the connection to our physical laws of nature?

6.In this approach we see a main problem of information research as we understand it. With the concept of "information" only the real part is associated and evaluated - but in our opinion it is important to include also the imaginary part of information in relation to the whole human being. We believe that the whole theory of information should be extended to include the realm of the humanities. Subsequently, the question arises whether the information that results from the laws of nature also exists without the human being.

7.Your answer reminds me a lot of the popular discussion between albert einstein and niels bohr that arose from Albert Einstein's provocative question about whether the moon is there when no one is looking

8.Do you think that with global information technology, autonomous thinking and action as practised by artists and intellectuals will disappear?

9.But autonomous structures always have fewer references than a global information structure.

10.So we will continue with our autonomous thinking even though we often have the feeling that we are sitting on a siding.

11.have you ever heard of the term digital physics?

12. in my opinion, this model of "digital physics" only works if one uses clean information in the sense of information logic. in this sense, there can only be a real part of information, not an imaginary part.

13. How would you describe the mathe formula "minus delta t"?