Over the Summer of 2019 Jakob Breitwieser is building a floating body for the opponents of function and finalisation. For STWST48x5 STAY UNFINISHED in September 2019, a hydroponic basic design made of fundus materials from Kunstlager Nord and the artist will be shown at the danube shore. As a “hydroponic planet design”, the construction is understood as a plant-planetary construction without earth, and as a not-no-pontoon of a new hydroponic culture between plants and humans. This is defined from a social swimming school of immersion, of liquid new roots, to an artistic indoor pool of poetry.

The sketch is the plan: A flood of material from past projects that took place in and around the local waters is used. In the tradition of STWST-No Architects, Jakob Breitwieser is working on a wildly growing architectural counter-concept WITH his surroundings. The NOTNOPONTON project also refers to future actions on the STWST Shore at Danube kilometre 2135 in 2020. Informal meetings are to take place here during the summer of 2019 to prepare a growing hydroponic greenhouse.

Opening of the summer season, informal talk: 11 July 2019
On a case-by-case basis, spontaneous events will also take place at the DeckDock in summer 2019.

NOTNOPONTON 2019 will be part of STWST48x5 STAY UNFINISHED from 6-8 September.

Direction: Jakob Breitwieser

NOTNOPONTON is part of the continuous action of the STWST STWST Danube shore. It is located on the DeckDock of Stadtwerkstatt-Donaulände at the Danube kilometre 2135.