Reouzeri 2018

Alluvial wood, elephant grass and an environment that nature provides, washes and blows away again. Jakob Breitwieser designs the Reouzeri on the Stadtwerkstatt-Danube shore for about three months in summer. The Reouzeri is open artistic concept and beach situation. It constantly renegotiates conditions at a reception desk and is also an art-bar susceptible to wind and weather. The Reouzeri is a permanent creative change, social sculpture and after-work sunset area of relaxed, cooperative participation, cultivated retreat and spontaneous music making. It is a conciliatory and non-commercial zone. In summer 2018 it is also the linchpin of the Lower East Site on Danube kilometre 2135.

The Reouzeri is part of the continuous action of the STWST-Donaulände.

WELCOME event on 1 + 2 JUNE

Reouzeri: June 2th to September 9th 2018
Management: Jakob Breitwieser
The Reouzeri is located at the DeckDock of the Stadtwerkstatt-Donaulände on Danube kilometre 2135.