Mycelium Network Society

Mycelium Network Society (MNS) is a Stadtwerkstatt (Linz, Austria) and cycleX (Andes, New York) initiative to connect rhizomic mycelium network nodes. The MNS thematizes mushrooms, spores and mycelia as artistically intended, alternative information networks.

Current event
Spore Release Party - 21.12.2020, 24 hours

Global Spore Release Party: The Mycelium Network Society's globally scattered nodes are called upon on December 21 to send spores into space in a concert-like synchronized action. Fixed starters are the Stadtwerkstatt in cooperation with the Lab-kill-Lab-Community in Taiwan, plus the temporarily node at the Technische Sammlung in Dresden. Min 20 nodes of the worldwide Mycelium community are invited to participate.
Taipei Fine Arts Museum

More Info upcoming

Image: mushroom@cycleX (2019) by Erwin Carl