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New Context Staging is a format, that seeks to accommodate contemporary performative trends, as it enriches with a special approach of +++ Quasikunst +++. New Context Staging settles per se in progressive directions, as it sees itself underpinned by several aspects of STWST. In “New Context Staging” formats are to be developed.

Body + Water Lab

Already in 2012/2013 there was the AiR-Lab-Format “Floating Bodies and Spaces” on the survey vessel Eleonore. Results were four Residencies.
Short Test-Webcam-Performance of the first Floating Bodies and Spaces Residency.

Theater without Actors / Actors without Theater

In “New Context Staging”, existing, cross-divisional productions are to be shown, which elude an all too easy assignment. Events:
Februar Null / Jänner 2018
Innenraum Lavinia / Jänner 2018
Fog Ballet as guest play in gfk / March 2018
Speculative School of Sleep Dance as a guest play in gfk / April 2019

Tanzschule Stadtwerkstatt

Experimental formats and body practice developed over time.

Körperpraxis: Verkehrt Gehen

The body practice of walking backwards seems to lead to a release of endogenous substances that enhance memory. Moving Backwards is processing movement and non-digital body practice - with open end. An anti-Alzheimer's access in times of the information society, a choreographic statement on theory and practice. Supplementary research of Quasikunst with connection to Infolab. Stay short: Get ONE impression when you click on the picture above. If interested:


Movements are examined for symmetries and asymmetries - connection to the fog ballet/"Fog". If interested:

Movement A
Project of STWST 48×4 SLEEP - Quasikunst/Movement A

Speculative School of Sleep Dance
Project of STWST 48×4 SLEEP - SLEEP48 / Sleep Dance
Sleep dance in a social context, Part one.
Dance Sleep. In the land under the network. Speculative School of Sleep Dance: New 2019, 2022.
Guest play of the Speculative School of Sleep Dance in gfk Linz.

Material as performer

Transformed actors, systemic contradictions and almost immaterial material: material performs itself. One aspect of Quasikunst - fog as performer, ice as entity, to be continued, mtba.
See fog, ice, wind and depth.
Research potential in the STWST context on things and materials.

Postglow Cinema


Frame (without postglow):


New Context Staging Production / Cooperations - ALL MORE TO COME