Part of Quasikunst

New Context Staging is a format, that seeks to accommodate contemporary performative trends, as it enriches with a special approach of +++ Quasikunst +++. New Context Staging settles per se in progressive directions, as it sees itself underpinned by several aspects of STWST. In “New Context Staging” formats are to be developed.

Body + Water Lab

Already in 2012/2013 there was the AiR-Lab-Format “Floating Bodies and Spaces” on the survey vessel Eleonore. Results were four Residencies.
Short Test-Webcam-Performance of the first Floating Bodies and Spaces Residency.

Theater without Actors / Actors without Theater

In “New Context Staging”, existing, cross-divisional productions are to be shown, which elude an all too easy assignment. Events:
Februar Null / Jänner 2018
Innenraum Lavinia / Jänner 2018
Fog Ballet as guest play in gfk / March 2018
Speculative School of Sleep Dance as a guest play in gfk / April 2019

Tanzschule Stadtwerkstatt

Experimental formats and body practice developed over time.

Körperpraxis: Verkehrt Gehen

The body practice of walking backwards seems to lead to a release of endogenous substances that enhance memory. Moving Backwards is processing movement and non-digital body practice - with open end. An anti-Alzheimer's access in times of the information society, a choreographic statement on theory and practice. Supplementary research of Quasikunst with connection to Infolab. Stay short: Get ONE impression when you click on the picture above. If interested:


Movements are examined for symmetries and asymmetries - connection to the fog ballet/"Fog". If interested:

Movement A
Project of STWST 48×4 SLEEP - Quasikunst/Movement A

Speculative School of Sleep Dance
Project of STWST 48×4 SLEEP - SLEEP48 / Sleep Dance
Sleep dance in a social context, Part one.
Guest play of the Speculative School of Sleep Dance in gfk Linz.

Material as performer

Transformed actors, systemic contradictions and almost immaterial material: material performs itself. One aspect of Quasikunst - fog as performer, ice as entity, to be continued, mtba.
See fog, ice, wind and depth.
Research potential in the STWST context on things and materials.

New Context Staging Production / Cooperations - ALL MORE TO COME