Fr, 28. October 2022 - 17:00 h
Stadtwerkstatt, 1. Floor Foyer + following Danube Shore

The Stadtwerkstatt DeckDock received a visit from the arborist in October 2022: In the green area on the Donaulände, a so-called head pruning was carried out on the trees. Andrea Lehmann then embarks on a sculptural recycling process with the green cuttings from the Lände. As a KOPFSCHNITTGALERIE, so to speak, a temporary visualisation of the oversized green cut object NEST is created in a publicly accessible place between concrete architecture and the organic forces of nature. Andrea Lehmann thus implements a pictorial as well as permacultural approach with materials that are enriched from nature, the social, the environment or even the contradiction of a harvested waste. She is concerned with making the unconscious place visible through “garden archaeology” and with a principle of perpetual coherence. Andrea Lehmann's previous engagement with the STWST DeckDock in 2021/2022 also establishes a reference to micro-objects, the WILDFRÜCHTEN, formed from finds and cut material, as well as photographs and drawings that she created in the course of these engagements and which are on display on the 1st floor of the STWST.

The presentation begins on Fri, 28 Oct at 5 pm with WILDFRUCHT on the 1st floor of the STWST. After a short opening we will go together to the NEST at the KOPFSCHNITTGALERIE on the Lände at 5.30 pm. Come as you are.

Wildfrucht in the Versorgerin 136, Dec 2022, Text by Georg Wilbertz

Andrea Lehmann is a visual artist based in Linz and Upper Austria. She graduated from the Art University in Linz in 2002 with distinction and has exhibited, among others, at Kubinhaus (A), Nordico Linz or Pilzen (CZ). In the context of various long-term projects and art residencies, such as the work DIMMENSIONS/SPACE in Bad Hall 2021, she explores natural spaces, among other things. She works on places with drawing and again and again in particular with the philosophy of permaculture, the contact of man with the natural environment. Instagram: andrea_art_lehmann

Andrea Lehmann dedicates herself to … themes that imply time or transience. “her”…artistic approach demands an intensive preoccupation with certain places and perceptual levels, which is sometimes shaped by philosophical perspectives.“ (Inga Kleinknecht, Senior Curatorin ooe.art, 2016)