Efeu Ex

Façade as an artistic display: The design of the Stadtwerkstatt building façade has a long tradition. In the 80s, for example, the Sgraffito Alchemia was intended to protect the building from demolition with art. In the 90s, the idea of a technical Wild Ivy as a neon sign display thematised a new eternal character of technology. The ivy was the inspiration for this, as the plant develops longevity with tenacity and ever new shoots.

Redesign of the Stadtwerkstatt façade: Since 2015, the current façade installation Efeu Ex has referenced the former wild ivy. The remnants of the former realisation were repurposed, greenery was added. The idea of critically reflecting nature, information systems and technological development was taken up. From 2021 to 2023 there were also four NFT flower pictures, Tylipas, as an ecological fake in the vertical garden. In 2024, the façade was extended at the height of the entrance area and the 2nd floor with a disorientation pattern inspired by the ship camouflage and Razzle Dazzle.

Façade installation EFEU EX - More about wild growth and steampunk: The façade installation Efeu Ex consists of nature and a pneumatic machine on the façade of the Stadtwerkstatt. A pneumatic machine with a steampunk aesthetic has been incorporated into the wild growth. Nature and machine overlap here, nature, ecology and technology coexist in peaceful opposition. The installative machine is pneumatically driven by four ratchet wheels. Four drive wheels, which rotate at different speeds and on which the names STWST, STROM, SERVUS and FRO can be read, transport a spring in a circle through the plants via around 15 deflection rollers. The pneumatic machine currently runs every hour between 2pm and 8pm. The façade installation is thematically related to the Stadtwerkstatt Infolab. It visualizes the theoretical content of the Stadtwerkstatt, as references to art, nature, information and technology.

Facade installation EFEU EX - More about Tylipas: From 2021 to 2023, there were also four flower images on the top edge of the façade: as rematerialised NFTs, the Tylipas are enthroned as blockchain-generated flatware and as an ecological fake above the real ecological niche of the vertical garden.

Facade installation EFEU EX XTD - More about Razzle Dazzle and Camouflage: Disorientation patterns, ship camouflage and Razzle Dazzle refer to all connections between visibility, submersion, underground, autonomy, paradoxes as strategic measures. Mtba.

ALL IN ALL - Party life: The disorientation pattern and the organic-pneumatic coexistence of plants and machines extends into the house of the Stadtwerkstatt and becomes a space-bending machine and parallel world party zone in the time hole at night: with a guarantee of oblivion after the intoxication.

EFEU EX is a project of the Stadtwerkstatt and was opened in April 2015. The Tylipas by Michael Aschauer were hung in 2021 and stayed till 2023 - and will eventually be hung again. The ship camouflage was designed and applied in April 2024. More about the Tylipas by Michael Aschauer.

A text about the facade installation Ivy Ex has been published in the Versorgerin #105. → efeu-ex.stwst.at.
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Some more impressions:

1980er Jahre - Sgraffito Alchemia:

1990er Jahre - Goldhaube, 1990er Jahr - Wild Ivy:

2016ff-Jahre - Efeu EX

2011 war Hans Polterauer im A “AiR Programm” und er gestaltete fuer die Fassade die “verdrehte Sonnenblume”

2024 - EFEU EX XTD