The Stadtwerkstatt publishes quarterly the newspaper “Versorgerin” - with the focus on contributions on the Stadtwerkstatt as well as the transformation of politics and culture. Many authors of the Versorgerin stand in the tradition of Critical Theory.

The Versorgerin reports on relevant topics of the city and also provides the netculture initiative one page per issue. The Versorgerin is more than a public channel of the association Stadtwerkstatt. In a time when the media surfaces are increasingly the same, it represents an important project of its own with positioning, which stands against a leveling of the artistic and media contents.

The Versorgerin publishes important discursive reflections on art production of STWST and art in general.

“Mythos Art”, the six-part series, written for Versorgerin, is to be highlighted for 2016. This series was written by the media theorist Armin Medosch for the Versorgerin: The myth of the Artist / Art and Technology / In the light of the Aesthetics of the New / Feminism, Semiotics, Anti-Art, Liberation / Computer art is dead, long live Media Art / Post-Art or the Endless Loop of the Contemporary

Reflections on art production of the Stadtwerkstatt specifically: Look for Infolab and Quasikunst. But both are also published in Versorgerin, eg. the 14-part-series about "Mythos Media Art" or eg the two Quasikunst-projects The Biomechanical Ballet, or: I like Trees and Human Rights and Fog Ballett.

Time and again authors of the Versorgerin come to Stadtwerkstatt, eg Erwin Riess or Berthold Seliger.

Versorgerin Archive

SPECIAL-PROJECT: The Versorgerin as a Book
In the context of 40 years of STWST and the annual claim STAY UNFINISHED, all issues of the “Versorgerin” published until Dec 2019 were bound into a book object that can be read as a “transformed media object” and art project. It also refers to the publicly accessible and digitally available archive pages of the “Versorgerin”. It is planned to exhibit this book object in the STWST in 2020. Versorgerin as a book plus Exhibition.

Foreword, image index and imprint of “The Versorgerin as a book”:

Our friend and irreplaceable comrade-in-arms Kurt Holzinger, editor-in-chief of the Versorgerin for many years, left us on 27 June 2019. LUV Kurt