Versorgerin as a Book, 124 Covers and 10 Mio Chars
Stadtwerkstatt Foyer and Online-Release 4. December 2020

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Stadtwerkstatt has placed the year 2019 under the motto of intensified archive research and will continue its archive work in the following years as well - with the proclaimed annual claim of the year 2019, with “Stay Unfinished”, and with the courage to remain programmatically and artistically unfinished. Some of these 40-year programs will continue into 2020, because the founding activities were in a state of fluent transition - and moved between 1979, the activist starting point, and 1980, the date of official registration as an association.

Versorgerin as a Book
With regard to archive work and to the newspaper Versorgerin, which has been published by Stadtwerkstatt since the early 1990s, the plan has been developed for some time now to have all numbers (published and still existing up to the end of 2019) bound into a book with one copy each - in a planned larger volume and transformed again into a historical and “layered” media art project. A newspaper, book, media, archive and art object appeared. Foreword, image index and imprint of “The Versorgerin as a book”: versorgerin_als_buch_1990-2019_vorwort_und_bildindex_.pdf

Presentation: Versorgerin as a Book and 124 Covers
The book project was presented internally and on the net in spring 2020, accompanied by an exhibition of all the covers of the Versorgerin published up to that time. The exhibition was also included in the program of STWST48x6 MORE LESS - Archive Spot.

Versorgerin Content: Schreibbot
Already at the beginning of 2019 a writing bot experiment was fed with the content of all existing Versorrgerinnen and the cooperation paper Referentin. The results of this language media experiment have been incorporated into various projects, for example in 2019 into a text on “Speculative Sleep” and Unfinished Language.

Versorgerin as Meta-Reader
Further media contexts were worked on with this material: Approximately 10 million characters of Versorgerin content have been made accessible to quick readers: The Versorgerin-meta-reader will be available on the net from December 4, 2020, with the release date of Provider #128, starting 14 h released:


This project was first part of „MMXIX – 40 Jahre STWST – Archive and more“ in „2019 – 40 Jahre STWST – STAY UNFINISHED“. And was subsequently processed further.

Versorgerin auf STWST Discursive Media
Versorgerin - Digitales Archiv aktuell
Versorgerin - Archiv ältere Nummern

Images: from a working situation.