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Cpt Mnemo remembers the 80s and 90s: The interviews on early media art conducted by Leo Findeisen alias Cpt Mnemo can be seen here soon.

Cpt Mnemo

Talk with Founders of STWST

June 06, 2018, Depot Wien
2018 - 39 years of artistic and cultural work in Austria: Stadtwerkstatt was founded in 1979 in Linz. Founding members of STWST - Gudrun Bielz/Media Artist, Franz Blaas/Artist, Karin Binder/Artist, Gotthard Wagner/Musician and Cultural Worker and Tommy Schneider/Artist - discuss with Martin Wassermair.

The event was broadcasted by dorfTV. Sorry, only german - english translation will follow.

In his discussion series “Linzer Aufbrüche” Peter Arlt also spoke with STWST founders. The Videos here are English subtitled. The original videos in full length (and only in german language) you can find at Dorf TV

Wolf Sator

Astrid Esslinger

Peter Donke

Thomas Steiner

Georg Ritter