23rd and 24th of January 2018, in front of Stadtwerkstatt in Cine Traktori. 5 - 9 pm.

An interior project from the person-in-person perspective by Tanja Brandmayr.
Schneeraum confetti, soulbumbum.

In the early 1920s, the Hamburg mask dancer Lavinia Schulz made full body masks. On the one hand, these seem grotesquely alive, on the other hand they are bulky and heavy. Shattering is the little biographical material that is known about the premature death of Lavinia Schulz and her husband and partner Walter Holdt: working in a basement as disciplined as obsessed, they did not want to take money for art, because art must be independent and heavy. In the end, Lavinia shot her husband first and then herself.

The text slips - in the leap of time and figurative equivalent to an enigmatic mask inside - in a strange inner space, which was defined as a cellar space in Hamburg to a textual-performative interior. Entering an unfamiliar interior means going into one's own biography with one's life and work, and also means writing in performative, that is, physical and situational examination.

Needless to say, biographical, physical, artistic, theoretical and art historical contradictions emerge, which may have created a grotesque interior in correspondence with the grotesque expressive exterior of the masks.
Through this process, the text itself provides information that is designed as a narrative of the endeavor.

Then you became pregnant yourself. And that during the inflation!

Innenraum Lavina was funded by LinzExport and was created in 2015/16 partly on the then in Hamburg, STWST-associated boat, the Junix.

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