STWST at BestOFF - Radical Collective:

Exhibitions, performances, concerts, readings, talks, workshops, screenings: - The Kunstuniversität Linz is staging this year's show BestOFF under the claim 'Radical Collective' and its associated 50th anniversary celebrations. The STWST is one of several cooperating venues.
Opening on 12 Oct 2023 at Kunstuni, Hauptplatz 6.

Inside Out - Kunstuni at STWST, Kirchengasse 4

13.-31. Okt, Exhibition, 2nd floor foyer STWST
Daniela Gutmann - shifting bodies to fluid fiction
Ildiko Mayr - Dogrunfast

14. Oct, Participative Performance, Maindeck STWST
16:00 - Katharina Halusa + Participants - Human Braided Textiles 

14. Oct, Clubnight, STWST
20:00 - Quatsch mit SoSa
21:00 - Forest Sirens
22:00 - Bauarbeiter_2000
23:30 - I-ID

Outside InSTWST at Kunstuni, Hauptplatz 6

13.-31. Oct, Exhibition:
STWST & Versorgerin
Versorgerin and 10 Mio open Contexts
Book, 142 Covers, Art Context

Inside Out

Kunstuni at STWST, Kirchengasse 4

Daniela Gutmann
shifting bodies to fluid fiction
Exhibition, STWST, 2nd floor, 13.-31. Oct

“[…] The three protagonists throw themselves into each other with the Super 8 camera. Who is holding the camera and who is being filmed is unclear, and you quickly realize that it doesn't matter. It's not about a gaze, it's about a shared experience and exploration. That which is exciting about touch, namely not the gesture itself but the feeling of skin and friction, is captured here on film. In the hips, breasts, thighs and arms, sometimes blurred, sometimes glistening with liquid running over the skin, and the exciting forms that open up between them, a harmonious, liberated image of sexuality emerges. This is what lovemaking with, in front of and behind the camera could look like. Even more, the camera and its image begin to dissolve with the bodies, merging into abstract forms that inspire imaginations. It's a bit like staring into a lava lamp and suddenly realizing that you yourself are lava.” (Patrick Holzapfel)

Concept, direction: Daniela Gutmann / Camera: Judith Breitenbrunner, Daniela Gutmann, Bastian Lehner / Editing: Daniela Gutmann / Cast: Judith Breitenbrunner, Daniela Gutmann, Bastian Lehner / Producer: Daniela Gutmann / Distribution: sixpackfilm

Daniela Gutmann moves mainly in the fields of performance, experimental film, video art, installation and sound. Her interest lies in the tension between physical, real conditions, sensual perception and their alienation. Her works have been shown at Neue Galerie Graz, bb15 - Raum für Gegenwartskunst, OÖ Kunstverein, Schaumbad Graz, Lentos Linz, MAERZ Linz, WHA-Galerie Linz, Filmmuseum Wien, AEC Linz, Soulangh Cultural Park Tainan,.. among others.

Ildiko Mayr
Exhibition, STWST, 2nd floor, 13.-31. Oct

Dogrunfast is a short stop-motion-animation that follows a dog's transformation through time.
Ildiko Mayr is an Austrian-Hungarian animator and filmmaker, whose work has been shown on numerous international festivals. Bildcredit: Ildiko Mayr

Katharina Halusa + Participants
Human Braided Textiles 
Participative Performance, Sa, 14. Oct, 16 Uhr, STWST Maindeck

What if a textile would be created out of a dance? In HUMAN BRAIDED TEXTILES textile artefacts or garments are created collaboratively in a community practice directly on the human body. The project is a collaborative intervention, a participatory performance in public space in which textile structures and artefacts are created, bringing together people from different backgrounds and turning them into social designers. Such a collaborative design approach shows how we can think, design and re-locate production processes performatively to make textile techniques like braiding or weaving accessible to people, regardless of their prior knowledge, within a collaborative practice.
YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE? You don't need to have any prior knowledge - together we will learn the step sequence of the maypole dance, grab strands of thread and create textiles. Just drop by the “May Deck”, in front of the stairs at the AEC/STWST, on 14.10. at 4pm, join in and become part of this performative textile experience - I look forward to seeing you!

Katharina Halusa studied Fashion & Technology in her Bachelor's and Master's degree at the Linz Art University. She shows how we can rethink and redesign textile craft production processes in a performative way. Textile techniques such as braiding and weaving are to be made accessible to people of all backgrounds in order to create not only textile but also social interconnections in a collaborative practice. In addition to the performative translation of handcraft textile techniques, she is researching technical processes of textile craftsmanship between human, machine and robot in order to open up new sustainable production methods for clothing. Image credit: Jasmin_Schwendinger

14. Oct, Clubnight, BestOFF program in STWST
20:00 - Quatsch mit SoSa
21:00 - Forest Sirens
22:00 - Bauarbeiter_2000
23:30 - I-ID

Outside In

STWST in der Kunstuni, Hauptplatz 6

STWST - Versorgerin and 10 million open contexts
Media, art, discourse and exhibition
Versorgerin as book, 142 covers and art context
Kunstuni, Hauptplatz 6, Foyer, near entrance Cafe Frederic

The Versorgerin is the newspaper of Stadtwerkstatt. Since the 1990s, it has been pursuing the transformation of politics and society and accompanies the STWST projects. In 2019, all remaining numbers were bound into a book with one copy each, a convolute remained in screw clamps. These books are presented as art and media transformation objects, all still existing Versorgerin covers are affixed to a wall. Digitised texts and contexts are layered - about 10 million characters of Versorgerin content about politics, media, art, music, networks, culture and critical theory.

Stadtwerkstatt STWST has been art, club culture and an autonomous structure since 1979. From the very beginning, it has been inextricably linked to a self-image of activism, subculture and a practice of constantly redefining art contexts. The STWST has implemented many significant media and art projects and has also been an instigating initiative for numerous artists inside and outside the city. Today, STWST works in the fields of new art contexts, runs the newspaper Versorgerin, the Music Club and the Cafe Strom. The STWST operates in theory and practice and sees itself as a place of discourse. The net culture initiative and Radio FRO, which emerged from the STWST environment, still work in the STWST building. So we are also pleased to refer to the participation of at BestOFF23.

Das ganze Programm der BestOFF 2023