KW31 STWST Research Week @ Flur 4 - join us!

From 3-6 August, stwst/new context accepted the invitation of Flur4 (Felix Pöchhacker and Christel Kiesel) to deal with the implementation of Plus Minus Protective Earth in the form of a research week. In the course of this, a series of photos was created that was later also wallpapered on the sculpture exhibited at Stwst48x9.

The sculpture “FLUR 4”, which has been in realisation since 2020, is being created on a sprawling field in Niederlausitz in southern Brandenburg. Designed by Felix Pöchhacker, it consists only of a 40-square-metre concrete base on which classic exhibition lighting is mounted with the help of a functional metal frame. Depending on the evening twilight, the possible visiting time varies, because “FLUR 4” becomes the lonely light source of its surroundings for a few hours via a solar panel.

As a negation of a conventional white cube, this stage-like sculpture is to be used as a project site for artistic field studies. The spatial distancing from customary exhibition formats also entails a content-related distancing, so that conditions such as visibility, audience and exclusivity, but also vandalism, theft and the effects of the weather are imposed due to the location.

For its location exposed to the nothingness of grasses and pines, “FLUR 4”, nicknamed 'ZONE', only sees itself as a supposed centre of an event and can generally function as a stage for numerous events. As a kind of outpost, “FLUR 4” also operates an approx. 4 x 2.5 metre billboard on the main road in nearby Crinitz, which can also be used by the invited artists.

“FLUR 4” is a seasonal project space that is active from April to October and is run jointly by Felix Pöchhacker and Christel Kiesel.