Niveau Leaves Safe Harbor

(work in process)

As part of the jubilee celebrations of the Linz Art University, the Danube beach of the Stadtwerkstatt will become a temporary harbour for the launching and mooring of a rowing boat renovated by the students and transformed into a floating art object in June 2023.

The project ties in with the project series “Loose Harbour”, which has been carried out since 2016, a processual, experimental examination of spatial and social constellations, in which alternative artistic fields of action are playfully tested and realised as interventions in public spatial systems.

Months ago, the students began to renovate an old boat wreck in the inner courtyard of Domgasse 1. On Monday, 5 June, it will be pulled along streets and footpaths to its temporary mooring in Urfahr, demonstratively, as a parade, in solidarity with the initiative “Erde brennt” (Earth burns), also to point out the absurd imbalance of our relationship to space and mobility.

At the so-called Stadtwerkstatt beach below the Nibelungen Bridge, the boat will finally be launched. If it does not sink immediately and it settles on the horizon line, we want to ritually christen it - with the name “Das Niveau” (The Level) - and set it in motion again.

(Niveau = German Value level, French Spirit level).

The Art University is a guest at the STWST Lände and the Art Ship Eleonore. From 5 June.


Mon, 5 June 2023

  • from 2 p.m. - demonstrative procession (in cooperation with the initiative “The Earth is Burning”) from the inner courtyard of the Kunstuni (Domgasse 1) across the railroad bridge to the temporary landing stage at the Stadtwerkstatt beach (below the AEC).
  • approx. 4 p.m. - ceremonial WATERING and ritual BOAT NAMING with supporting program.


Tue 06 - Mon 12 June
Informal hotspot with daily supporting program, cooperations with lecturers and students of the Linz Art University, among others, OPEN STAGE BEACH NIVEAU (sound art performances), at the Stadtwerkstatt beach.

Collective BOAT TRIP to Eleonore

Tue 13. - Mon 26. June
Collective BOAT TRIP to the mouth of the Traun with the accompanying ship Wilhelmina, workshop stay of several days at the art ship ELEONORE.

PRESENTATION of the boat

Thu 29. June - Sat 01.July
PRESENTATION of the boat at the RUNDGANG at the Art University, Domgasse 1 (courtyard).

Foto: © Ebrahim Eskandari

Videostill: © LeI Xi

Videostill: © Siegfried A. Fruhauf

Videostill: © Leo Schatzl

Videostill: © Leo Schatzl

Foto: © Leo Schatzl

Foto: © Leo Schatzl

Foto: © Leo Schatzl

Foto: © Leo Schatzl

Participarting Students: Mariat Abdulkhamidova, Älex, Lea Blachfellner, Vincent Böhm, Katharina Brandl, Fiona Buttazzoni, Moritz Danner, Lucija Divic, Ebrahim Eskandari, Arina Grinevich, Ruth Groesswang, Anna Haeupl, Mathias Haunschmidt, David Kapl, Hedieh Khajehzadeh, Johanna Kubassa, Lukas Kuhl, Veronika Lesniak, Elias Neururer, Sarah Schmidt, Hanna Sheu, Lorenz Willer A.O.

Thanks to the management of the Kunstuniversität Linz, to Gitti Vasicek, Sylvia Leitner, Peter Lehner, to Stadtwerkstatt Linz, Jan-Nahuel Jenny, Tanja Brandmayr, Franz Xaver, to Donautics and Holger Watermann and to Symposion Lindabrunn.
Idea and coaching of the musical opening performance: Hannes Langeder.

Project supervision: Leo Schatzl (LV 'Intermediary Laboratory' in the Experimental Design Department).

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