Punkaustria is proud to present:

30 May 2023, from 18.00
At Cafe Strom in the STWST

The contents of the evening:

++ News around NFP's, the circulation secured currency Gibling and our Blockchain:
An NFP (Non Fungible Picture) is created by the current Gibling, in which a different picture can be seen on each note, which becomes an NFP via a private key on our Blockchain, making it unique. With this private key, which can be found on each gibling, the NRP can be “detached” from the physical banknote via our wallet (https://wallet.stwst.at). These “NFP-less” giblings will be marked by the punk management on the evening of 30.5. and thus get the double value (which means in the stream: drinks at half price).

++ Another highlight of this evening will take place under the title “Print your Fiat-Money great again”.
Fiat money is conventional money (e.g. EUROs), which can be printed with a unique private key from our blockchain during the event. In this way, your conventional money also contributes to a discussion of values around the new “digital value creation”.

++ At the end of the day, after a lot of thinking about NFP and NFT, digital value creation, global market and information societies, and especially about the utopias of the new digital freedoms, the only way to continue using money will be to secure the circulation of a currency. Because money needs negative interest and negative compound interest for a future.

More on Gibling and NFPs:

Till 15 June …
… you can still change these NFP Giblings, after that there will be another new edition of the Gibling, which will be designed by Tina Kult in 2023. However, the NFP Gibling will still be valid for another year after its issue period ends on 15 June.

The future of the NFPs:
The time of the NFP in the city workshop is not over with the end of the 11th edition issue of the Gibling. In autumn, a new NFP serial picture edition is to be created, using old STWST videos. The individual frames of a video will become NFPs. The first serial images will probably be taken from the video “Moving into the house Kirchengasse 4”. However, this new motif, together with the private key, will only be sent electronically - and each user will be able to print it out himself. For the time being, the value of the new NFP issue will be kept at double the Gibling value.