Floating Wild Growth Elements

With a root stream first shown at 20 June 2023 in the context of Culture Climate Change, Upper Austria Climate Summit 2023 at Lentos.

Floating wild growth elements as floating objects: The Stadtwerkstatt shows freshly planted grass tables that will later be placed in the river. Grouped around the grass tables on display is wild growth from STWST work contexts: Artefacts from the floating apple tree, the DeckDock and the energy-autonomous ship Eleonore, image fragments and a preview of other current projects, such as the root stream or the hybrid beaver castle.

Wurzelstream (Root Stream): https://s.stwst.at/grundl/

Involved in this work for STWST: Fabian Holzinger and Franziska Thurner from Beaver Lab, Andrea Lehmann, Tanja Brandmayr, Jan-Nahuel Jenny, Franz Xaver, Donautics.

Statement on Culture Climate Change: There is now hardly a contemporary art and cultural event that does not address the climate disaster. In the STWST there are - as a critical statement per se - long lasting discussions about art, culture, technology and nature. These take place on levels of theory and practice, as exploratory art projects with materials such as plants, mycelia and ice, in a sustainable social work on site, in statements on wild growth vs planning, and on a technological level in a practice of DIY and DIT. We criticize not only developments, but the fear lust of catastrophe. It will not work without renunciation. Progress without regret. Who cleans up the world?

The Stadtwerkstatt (STWST) has numerous art and early media art projects to its credit since the 1980s. From the beginning, it has been inextricably linked to a self-understanding of autonomy, activism, subculture and, last but not least, a practice of constantly redefining art contexts. Today, the Stadtwerkstatt is divided into the areas of art with a focus on new art contexts, media including the newspaper Versorgerin, the club and event operation as well as the Cafe Strom. The activities are comprehensive, cross-disciplinary and motivated between artistic, cultural, technological and socially relevant intentions. stwst.at

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