Residency Pa Dares & Mika Bankomat

who cares?

Residency Pa Dares and Mika Bankomat
29th Jan - 9th Feb 2022, Messschiff Eleonore and STWST.

we may destroy you - who cares?: our experiences of violence, processing and forms of expression expand. personal experience and dealing with anger, grief, hurt and pain are transformed to meta-context. multimedia project. residency. later presentations not excluded. mahlzeit!

already with the first joint project during swst48, mika and pa blasted their frustration with linz structures and certain experiences with an experimental concert/performance: label_me.

our experiences of violence, processes of dealing with it and forms of expression are expanding. we decided to make our experiences of different forms of violence by individuals and groups visible in order to show that our experiences are not only individual but refer to a collective and structural grievance. we draw attention to socio-political issues that go beyond our individual experiences.
our processing and dealing with anger, grief, hurt and pain are brought from the personal experience to a meta-context. during an artist residency via stwst we are given space to bundle our previous processes and bring them out into the open. art thus also becomes a strategy for action and finds its expression through different media, while rejecting disciplines.

we understand this project as ongoing, sensitising and making accessible certain social structures and violent power dynamics.

pa dares, label_me: pa writes, among other things, socio-political texts that are published here and there (e.g. the referent, missy magazine), is constantly interested in new topics and has therefore already been involved in the most diverse collective projects - now pa would like to devote himself to other forms of art, questioning insecurity and failure, perfectionism, rejecting rules of decency, no filter - deal with it.

mika bankomat, works on the border of unprofessionalism. she examines systems for their resistances and breaking points. through audiovisual and performative translations she shows moments of failure, irritation and touch. challenging the collapse of systems with directness and harshness. at times unproductive, the focus of her musical confrontation is on disharmony, anti-music, noise and confusion.

The residency, part 1 happened.

Short presentation of some results - Interim status: They may have destroyed you.