Gradual unlocking after the crisis - STWST ALL TOGETHER
From 15 May 2020, Stadtwerkstatt und Cafe Strom

To HEAR - what happens (only german, but some sounds):

Opening hours of the STWST public areas in MAY 2020:
From 15 May: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 16-23
Extended opening hours planned from June!

Unlocking with ratchet wheels – Gradual unlocking after the crisis - LESS for the moment simply remains MORE

Unlocking with ratchet wheels
The activities of the Stadtwerkstatt on the square in front of the house were limited in the past weeks to the steampunk façade serenades of the Ivy Ex ratchets. These guaranteed daily sound presence between 14:00 and 20:00 in the last weeks.

Now also the public life is rattling up again
Behind the ivy-covered facades of the house, however, work and thought continued: also about the changed conditions of one's own art and cultural production in the high-stress rest modes between recreation and near-death experience.

All in all
With the “More vs Less” annual claim, the Stadtwerkstatt can also confirm at this point in time: LESS for the moment simply remains MORE.

Other ways
Since the opening of pubs is possible again on Friday, 15 May, Café Strom and some public areas of STWST will also gradually unlock again - at 5 pm with a 10-minute continuous ratchet-wheel sound from the façade. From then on, we invite you to socialise, to have drinks and to have a inspection of the modified location on site. Come, come! The house breathes again!

The house that sounds
The Stadtwerkstatt takes the opportunity to also position the New Art Contexts between LESS and MORE. The façade installation Efeu Ex is enriched by a sound installation, with good old 'Beyond the Water' by Fadi Dorninger! Birdsong from the façade meets STWST sound-and-nothing cathedrals of microcosm, isolationism and depth: entropically gloomy sounds expand inside the house - so that everything from the inside comes out!

Forward to the open shores of the Danube
Finally, every sinister restriction also opens up in expansion: from 15 May onwards, all summer long to the open shores of the Danube. An isolation-seat strip has been mowed into the grass: there you can retreat with a drink in your hand at least for stream spotting. The cold water is clearer than it has been for a long time!

Unlocking with ratchet wheels – Gradual unlocking after the crisis - LESS simply remains MORE
More New Art contexts and activities are ongoing and upcomig - stay tuned! Information about the New Art Contexts, as well as the current opening hours of the Cafe Strom, the house and the current conditions can be found on the regular channels.