Talk Sarah Held
Residency: 2020, Mai 19 - Juni 1
Talk: June 1, 11:00 Messschiff Eleonore

Sarah Helds works on the Eleonore on her research: Resistance movements, feminist-political activism, critical crafting and affective art practices. In her residency, she is working specifically on a publication, which she co-edits, and on her dissertation. In addition to reflections and discourse on the topics discussed below, Sarah has also produced spontaneous works on site whose art and discourse practices consisted quite specifically of salvaging alluvial wood.

3 working fields:

Sammelband: rechte angriffe – toxische effekte – Um|Neu|Formierungen extrem Rechter in Mode, Feminismus und Popkultur

Dissertation: Subversive Threads – Kunst | Macht | Geschlecht – Textile Interventionspraxen im öffentlichen Raum als diskursive gegen sexualisierte Gewalt

On Site: untitled
Impulse – Idea – Intention – Irony – Imitation – Irritation – Irrelevance – Impetus – Intuition

All Images: Sarah Held