What’s Your Nationality? I’m a Drunkard
Musical reading
by and with:
Richard Schuberth, Jelena Popržan and Christina Scherrer.

Wed, 23 Nov 2022, 19.30 h, Stadtwerkstatt

For the last time, Schuberth, Scherrer and Popržan will perform their ultimate literary-musical-discursive-satirical revue for nation-haters, homeland saboteurs and folk pests. A critical course on the questions: What is nation? Is patriotism youthful? Is it okay to have sex with your homeland?
Texts, songs, painting and bon mots by Rosa Luxemburg, Johann Nestroy, Carlos Santana, Emma Goldman, Karl Kraus, STS, Samuel Johnson, Arthur Schopenhauer, R. Schuberth, Brendan & Dominic Behan, Frantz Fanon, Ernest Gellner, Ambrose Bierce, Erich Mühsam, Abdullah Öcalan, Lew Tolstoi, Karl Marx and many more. and many more - plus a selection of the world's silliest national anthems and new texts that will make your cheeks flush red and white.

Because, as Johann Nepomuk Nestroy teaches us:
“The noblest nation among all nations is resignation.” That may well be, but we do not resign ourselves, but defy the self-evidence of cultural collective narratives with argument & ridicule.

Who are we?

Christina Scherrer
Actress in theatre, film and television, singer and ukulele player from Mühlviertel, Inspector Meret Schande in the Austrian “Tatort”. https://www.christinascherrer.at/

Jelena Popržan
Viola player and singer from Vojvodina (Serbia), composer, actress and founder of various ensembles (Catch-Pop String-Strong, Jelena Popržan Quartet, Madame Baheux, Sormeh). Latest CDs: “La Folía” and “Jelena Popržan Quartet”. https://www.jelenapoprzan.com/

Richard Schuberth
Writer, cultural scientist, social critic from the Waldviertel Wachau. He is also a cartoonist, founder of the Balkan Fever music festival and has published a book on the subject: “Before the peoples knew they were peoples” (Promedia Verlag). Most recent publication: “Die Welt als guter Wille und schlechte Vorstellung - Das identitätspolitische Lesebuch” (Drava Verlag).
2021 Theodor Kramer Prize for Writing in Exile and Resistance. https://richard-schuberth.com/

Trailer, first appearance at Aktionsradius Wien 2018:

An event by Kulturverein Willy, Kulturverein LIBIB and Stadtwerkstatt.