Sleep Walk Backwards

temporarilly here for TREASURIES - till April 30th

47 seconds ironic cut version:

26 seconds pure and nothing version:

sleep and moving backwards are themes that im interested in since years
2 versions of the same sleep walk backwards … in a strange surrounding
with some uncanny visual background and an ironic video cut :)
so, let me invite you to my:


  • please take a look on this 47 seconds of a sleep walk backwards in a strange sourrounding
  • please take the material as a kind of question, that is not known … … but seeks for an answer.
  • please give answers, that prefer to be following, next questions (connected in a way you define).
  • please feel free to associate in a totally open way.
  • also the form: „Answers“ or material is meant to be in any kind you want – as a sentence, as an image, as a text or article to connected themes you are interested, as a sent link, as a video-answer of another version … as found footage … as a hidden action you do for your own … as a dream … or anything you prefer. means: in a totally open way.
  • please transmit „answers“ or material also in any way you prefer: per mail, net-transfer, link, per snail-mail (my address below) …
  • Im looking forward, if you want to send to me, but it should/could be more open: transmit the material to any member of the group you like.
  • allow me to set a deadline for the BACKWARD SLEEP WALK SCORE: Last actions please on friday, april 30th
  • I’ll wait the maximum time of postal way (2-3 weeks) – and then will ask you all what happened … and what to do next (or NOT to do) – i assume, next questions will arise or maybe also: action is walking backwards in a sleepy way :)

looking forward, tanja

In case of prefering sending me per postal way, my postal address is:
Tanja Brandmayr
Herrenstraße 7/1
4020 Linz