NoMore Pics from biennal of taipei - Taiwan.

The Museum of Fine Arts
Our exhibition space in the Museum
We build up a tent to open the Balls with the Mycelium for clean-installing the sensors
Shu Lea Cheang made a Video to see the work of our nodes - Here you see Apo 33 France
The crew discuss how to do
Martin Howse testing the first sensor
Taro and Martin cleaning everything open the balls to install the Sensors
The company is cutting iron inside the Museum. The smoke detector initiate a firealarm
Mounting the hanging points of the lifting construction
Done. We expect a total weight more the one ton
We pulled up the hanging frame up to 1 meter to fix everything, make screwing and cabeling
Pulling up the hanging frame to the ceiling
The first two atom of the molecule
All atoms of the sculpture „Patulin“
Patulin, the poison of mold
The Mycelium of lingzhi mushrooms inside the Balls
Check for the sound performance with 17 Taipei artists
Martin Howse on the mixer
The opening Night

And the Sound was good - 50 min

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