Under the title Red Thread of Media Art, artists from the STWST environment are invited to select images from their own archives and the STWST archive from the last 40 years in order to present the various lines of development of media art, new media or art after new media and to contextualise developments in the STWST with their own works.

Franz XAVER and Tanja Brandmayr started in autumn 2022. Further artists and critical producers will be requested on an ongoing basis from 2023 onwards.

Red Thread: Prelude
Some posters and pictures were already hung by the stairway to the STWST main venue in September 2022.

Media Art Context: Franz XAVER
In this selection of events, Franz XAVER tries to mix his own experiences with works from the STWST environment.

New Media: Tanja Brandmayr
In this selection, Tanja Brandmayr mixes her own works with historical works from the STWST and around.

Green Thread: Davide Bevilacqua
Here Davide Bevilacqua mixes his own works with historical works from servus.at, STWST and around.

10x10x10 Thread: Shu Lea Cheang
In this selection, Shu Lea Cheang curates 10 works by STWST with 10 works by international curators. Franz Xaver selects the STWST works.