New Media: Tanja Brandmayr

The Red Thread of New Media: Tanja Brandmayr mixes her own works with historical works from the STWST and the surrounding area.

Context Tanja Brandmayr: This selection is about combinations and associative clouds. It is about opening up contexts of meaning, fields of occupation, associative impulses, image references, etc., and establishing connections in a broader line, or even feeling, than explaining the numerous projects. Personally, I am also interested in questioning the concept of media and seeing the expanded concept of art with body, language or networks of contexts. Means: to integrate the social, the political, the personal and the subterranean, rather than to drill down into art according to media distinctions. I try to apply this in my own work. And recognise it very clearly in many earlier STWST projects. A special reference, moreover, here to the 1988 STWST project Wettergebäude (“Weather Building”): the house made of wind, heat, water and energy once again proves its topicality and, in my opinion, must be included in every art canon.

An Early Event, Head in the Table, STWST, betw. 79 and 83, Photo: STWST Archiv
If I were A Boat, Josseline Black, STWST, 2012, Webcam-Performance Videostill: tb

Impression out of the STWST-Archive, zw. 79 und 83, Photo: STWST Archive
48 Hours of Drifting, Tanja Brandmayr, 2018, Photo:tb

Sonic Youth in the STWST, 1983 (83!), STWST Poster Archive
Das Wettergebäude, (“Weather Building”), STWST, 1988, Photo: STWST Archive

Glashaus, Mona May, 1983, Videostill: STWST Archive, Archive Brigitte Schober
Early Piece, Tanja Brandmayr/Doris Jungbauer, 1994, Videostill: Archive tb

Die Oper lebt, STWST, 1985, Photo: Chris Althaler
Sand Hole, Franz XAVER, 2019, Photo: Sandrik

Deep Drilling for Contracts, Tanja Brandmayr, 2019, Photo: Sandrik
Baggerhochzeit, STWST, 1987, Photo: STWST Archive

Moving into the new house of STWST, Kirchengasse 4, 1990, Photo: STWST Archive
Checkpoint, STWST, 1995, Photo: STWST Archive

Drawing by Franz Blaas, probably early 1990s at the STWST attic, Photo: STWST Archiv
Projection of the old STWST façade onto the new house, Stay Unfinished, STWST, 2019, Photo: STWST Archive

Niemand ist sich seiner sicher - “Hundesprengung”, STWST, 1991, Screenshot from an interactive Live-TV-Event
Electromagnetic Massage, Franz XAVER, 2021, Sujet: Tanja Brandmayr, 2021

Im Teilchendschungel der Wahrscheinlichkeit, In the picture: Gabi Kepplinger, 1992, Photo: STWST Archive
GrundlTV, STWST and Apephonie Productions, 2020, Videostill: STWST Archive

Glasfieber, STWST, 1996, Photo: Norbert Artner
Messie Balls, Brandmayr/Jungbauer, 2010 Photo: Reinhard Winkler
Messie Balls, Brandmayr/Jungbauer, 2010 Photo: SH, Image editing: Lisi Schedlberger

Clickscape, STWST, 1998, Photo: Norbert Artner
Postglow Cinema, Astrid Benzer/Tanja Brandmayr, 2021, Photo: taro

Versorger becomes Versorgerin, 2005, Newspaper Archive STWST
Schwimmen gegen Rechts, STWST Aktivism, 2001, Photo: STWST Archive

No Architects, STWST, 2009
Exakt schlafen, Tanja Brandmayr, 2014, Photo: Reinhard Winkler (bearbeitet)

The Biomechanical Ballet, or: I like Trees and Human Rights, Tanja Brandmayr, 2015, Photo: Sandrik
We have never been modern, Bruno Latour, Suhrkamp, 2008
Fog Ballet, Tanja Brandmayr, 2016, Photo: Sandrik
Iceberg/The Entity, Tanja Brandmayr, 2017, Photo: Sandrik

We are so Prosecco, STWST-Kampagne zur Unesco City of Media Arts, 2018
My Brain freezes at minus 273 Degrees, Tanja Brandmayr, 2020, Photo: Sandrik
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Shoshana Zuboff, Campus Verlag, 2018

Sleep Battle, STWST, 2018, Videostill: Claudia Dworschak
Windlines, Tanja Brandmayr, 2018, Photo: tb

NFP - Non Fungible Pictures, Franz XAVER, 2022, Design Franz XAVER
Ich häng mir die Welt um, Tanja Brandmayr, 2022, Screenhot: tb

Most projects can be found online: in the Chronology of STWST and at Quasikunst.

For the Red Thread in 2023, further artists and producers will be asked to relate their own work to STWST projects.

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