15.1. - 19.01.2017, Mon-Fri from 17-21 clock
FEBRUAR NULL - Fang den Berg (AT)
Postapokalyptic state description in in Cine Traktori in front of Stadtwerkstatt

If it does not happen, it will happen soon. FEBRUARY NULL is a post-apocalyptic description of the state from a first-person perspective, in which the radio play of the Linzer Formation “Fang den Berg” merges with Machinima elements to form a constricting audiovisual cosmos. The desert is growing.
This great piece of text, sound and video will be shown in Cine Traktori, a mobile cinema in front of the Stadtwerkstatt as an installation and can be seen for five days in the gloomy evening hours between 5pm and 9pm.
“February.Null”, Fang den Berg, Florian Hackl and Michael Wirthig. Festival Participations: Mac Film Festival 2016 (Brazil), Official Selection of the Lisbon International Film Festival 2016 / Fall edition (Portugal), Cutting Edge Film Festival 2016 (USA)


Stephan Roiss, part of Fang den Berg, is an award-winning author, lives in Ottensheim and Berlin and a bit in Leipzig. He writes prose, Börek and drama, texts for radio plays and graphic novels, is active as a vocalist in several musical projects - and reads on 19 January also in Stadtwerkstatt. www.stephanroiss.at

19 January 2018
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