Clarification: Infolab does not want to strengthen conservative values with the concept of complex information

The year is 2020 and we are in the first pandemic in the new information society. Information technology in combination with the fear of a pandemic is becoming a dangerous tool between political power relations.

As political positions I see the democratic-liberal values which are mostly based on logical rules and fortunately still accepted by the majority of the population. In contrast to this are totalitarian rules of a society or conservative politicians who make decisions from the “gut”.

The complex notion of information sees itself within the accepted rules of natural sciences and humanities which are based on democratic-liberal values. Without these insights, we would not have the capacity for abstraction with which to justify the idea of integrating complex information into information theory.

Complex information is based on a logical and an imaginary part of the information. The imaginary part of the information comes from our genes and should always be part of our decisions. Politically conservative positions that place individual “gut decisions” before democratic rules and logically correct agreements in the natural sciences and humanities can only be explained by an inadmissible mixing of history.