Noise Meetup Workshops 2024

Noise Meetup is a regular meeting place for the noise community in Linz - with workshops
with workshops, sound performances and jams.

The aim of the Noise Meetup is to get to know, present and exchange ideas among noise enthusiasts with varying degrees of prior knowledge.

Workshops, jams, sound performances: The workshops are about sound production and artistic strategies. The jams are about experimenting, practising and presenting. Overall, the focus is on direct and joint construction, creation, knowledge exchange, reflection, feedback and presentation. There will also be live sound performances and artist talks by sound artists.

The Noise Meetups will also take place at two locations in Linz in 2024:
The workshops will take place in the STWST, the performances in the spaceship (More info about the performances there).

Mascha Illich on the workshops taking place at STWST in 2024:
The 2024 workshops will go more in the digital direction, live coding with Tidal Cycles, sound production with Ableton Live, Pure Data, but also voice work, DJing, visualisation. All of this with a high proportion of women.

current workshop

we are happy to invite you to our next workshop with Zosia Holubowska (Mala Herba):+

on 6.4. at 2pm in
Servus club space,
STWST, Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz

Working with archival samples

During this workshop, sound artist and producer Zosia Hołubowska will share their practice of working with archival samples. The artist specializes in working with Eastern European ethnomusicological archives and will provide both possible sources as well as an introduction to their own philosophy and methodology of research on traditional music. They will share their sources and creative ways to process what can be found online. The artists will focus on creating evolving, emotive textures, using both native effects of Ableton Live, as well as third-party plug-ins. As the meeting is designed as a hands-on workshop, it is advised to bring a laptop with installed Ableton Live and headphones.


Workshop fee: 30EUR
Please register:

The upcoming workshops are:

27.4. Tidal Cycles with Sule Damaris Suarez and Moritz Morast
18.5. Stimmarbeit with Bernadette Laimbauer

Past workshops

workshop will be given by Ben Wesch on

Saturday 9.3.2024
at 2pm
in STWST ( clubraum)


Please register under:

Ben Wesch is going to teach us sound synthesis with Pure Data:

1. give a short impression and examples of Pd‘s capabili-
ties (embedded devices, complex composition and
sound design/physical modelling/AI)
2. provide a basic intro and then
3. spend the main part on building a simple, but
complex-sounding synth with each participant.

Cost of the workshop: 30 EUR.
Pure Data zero crossing grain module demo:
Shader + Pure Data Perlin noise granulation demo:

First workshop:
Sat, 10th of Feb 2024

The workshop will be postponed due to illness!! The new date will be announced.

Soldering analogue synthesizers
With: Mascha Illich
Date: Sat. 10 February 2024, 2 pm
Location: STWST
Workshop duration: approx. 4 hours

This is about the classic soldering of analogue synthesizers. Mascha Illich hacks small commercial synthesisers and creates simple instructions for re-soldering:

The basic knowledge about sound generation and soldering will be taught in the workshop.

Depending on experience, the following synthesisers are offered:
Beginners: oscillator, optical theremin
Intermediate: atari punk console, echo/delay, chaos nand
Advanced: atari junk console, cosmic echo

A soldering kit is included in the course fee (35 EUR).

Registration at:

The Noise Meetups are organised by Mascha Illich and Sophie Ardelt.
The Noise Meetups are supported by STWST and