STWST-projects in Quasikunst mode:
Geld / Fassade

Especially Quasikunst projects:
2015 Trees / 2016 Fog / 2017 Iceberg / 2018 Wind

Quasikunst is systemic-performative research. According to the single project, Quasikunst is a systemic structure, it defines itself as contrast and underground in all directions. Among the increasingly rationally manifested surfaces Quasikunst means: dissociating, superimposed states, diffuse collectives, abstruse connections, other material, simultaneous saying yes and no. Oppositions question contradictions, contexts are extended by more contexts.

Quasikunst was a project in 2015-2017 (2015 “Bäumeballett, or: I like Trees and Human Rights”, 2016 “Fog Ballet”, 2017 “Iceberg / The Entity - 48 Hours Meltdown”) within an ongoing art/theory research since 2014, with references to the theory of “quasi-objects”. As an art and theory research project, the project “Fog Ballett”, for example, addressed the issue of equating actor and network in their reflection, linking them in the form of a nebula onto which a human figure was projected. Furthermore, within this equivocal leveling, a contapointed “dialectic turn” of human assertion was proclaimed. More Fog

In 2017, “Iceberg/The Entity” staged a 2-ton ice block in the darkly lit workshop of the Stadtwerkstatt and thus a 'theater of meaning', a theater of contradictions that were not agreed. The project started from the contexts and contradictions inherent in the material ice and showed a 48-hour meltdown that the audience could attend. In textual reflection, the systemic-dynamic definition of negative entropy, namely the “increase of complexity” was turned into an “increase of contradiction”. More Iceberg

Project 2018: Windlines / Movement A / 48 Hour of Drifting / Disapp (50.000)
Windlines in der Versorgerin

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Quasikunst has been around since 2008 conceptualization and/or artistic work of Tanja Brandmayr. Since 2014 research and projects in the context of Stadtwerkstatt Linz.
Quasikunst is also one of the superordinate structural concepts within the “Showcase Extravanganza” STWST48. This format runs in parallel in September and in co-op with Ars Electronica. Up: STWST48x2, STWST48x3, STWST48x4