Social Sleep
Scenic reading, sleep performance
Sat, Nov 10, 18:00
Cafe Strom

In Wnter 2017, Stadtwerkstatt has declared the public areas of the building to be a circulating research zone in the larger context of the project The STWST as a Public Space: artists and scientists have examined the performativity of the site. In the early evening, text extracts from this project will be read in the Cafe Strom. Quasi contrary to the nocturnal night zone, a sleep dance is performed in parallel.

The text montage read is part of a longer-term project from The STWST as Public Space. The larger text concept was laid out in five chapters: Going out - Territory - Sleep - Humanity - Critique. In “Social Sleep”, the first chapter “Going Out” is read and performed.
(all texts and scenic reading: ONLY IN GERMAN LANGUAGE!)


Reading: Jasmin Hirtl, Laura Tomani, Theresa Klabacher
Sleeping: Gerlinde Roidinger

Text/text montage: Tanja Brandmayr
The text montage includes mixed texts from the STWST project context.



Whole project: STWST as public space

The here also involved “Sleep Dance” is part of the multidirectional Speculative School of Sleep Dance, which was shown for the first time at STWST48x4 SLEEP.

An event from New Context.

As part of LNdB.

Photos: © Sandrik