“Meeting Point Afrika” was a biennial format that has been implemented in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Stadtwerkstatt was pursuing the concept of multidisciplinary approach with concerts, film screenings and the heart of the festival - a high-caliber symposium. “Treffpunkt Afrika” was a meeting point for artists, artists, academics, migrants and those interested in the world - and, in a self-evident manner, presented the contemporary stereotypes of the African continent with a contemporary and culturally wide spread.

In 2015, Stadtwerkstatt also presented the film festival Cimema Africaine. All these projects take place under the curation of Sandra Krampelhuber and are supported by the ADA / Austrian Development Agency.

Treffpunkt Afrika 2010 / Treffpunkt Afrika 2012 / Treffpunkt Afrika 2012 in der Versorgerin #93 / Treffpunkt Afrika 2014 / CINÉMA AFRICAIN! 2015 / Treffpunkt Afrika 2018

LAST FESTIVAL 20.-22. September 2018


Meeting place Africa IV - International Festival - Symposium. Music. Movie

The fourth edition of Treffpunkt Afrika with this year's topic “African Futurisms” will offer insights into African visions of the future and utopias in the field of art & culture. The invited artists and cultural professionals will bring us closer to their futuristic projects in their role as Time Travelers and offer space for discussion. The contemporary art avant-garde of Africa as well as the African diaspora in Europe will be moved beyond common “third world” stereotypes.
This year's festival will take place in Stadtwerkstatt (concerts, Nightline) and in AEC (symposium, films).
Treffpunkt Afrika - African Futurisms

A text by Florence Okoye on Afro-European Futurisms has been published in Versorgerin 119.