Talk Julian Stadon

Monday, 18.5.2050 19.00
Live video stream from Eleonore

Julian Stadon: From Augmentation to Ecological Aesthetics

This talk will provide an overview of the last 12 months of artistic practice, starting with the development of the TeleAgriCulture Platform and the projects that have occurred since, up until this current residency on the Eleonore.

Coming from a 15 year background in mixed realty technologies, my PhD focussed on how Augmentation Aesthetics in Art Can Better Our Understandings of Bio-Digital Convergence and recently this shifted to a more ecological ‘on the ground’ focus, based on the philosophy that there is no such thing as ‘peripheral skills’

The TeleAgriCulture Platform is a crowd/cloud data ecosystem for small to large scale agricultural systems, be they soil based, hydroponic, aeroponic or aquaponic. It allows artists to access environmental data from discrete living ecosystems. Conceived during the MIT Community Bio-Summit in 2018, the project was developed at both Cultivamos Culture and V2_ Lab last year, with one particular project _Rhizomatic Bias being shown at V2_, Ars Electronica and SWST 48×6, concurrently last September. Along with this project, several invited artists in residence have developed projects using this platform and these will be shown and discussed during this talk, along with an overview of current projects in progress, particularly a new e-aquaponics system being developed at 3erH0f kulturverein, and current research and development into low energy/low bandwidth solutions to data streaming and Post-Anthropocenic taking place at The Eleanore (along with other general boat maintenance including painting its exterior, cutting wood, making garden beds, canoeing and fishing).

Julian Stadon is an Australian artist/curator/academic working with augmentation aesthetics, embodied bio-digital ecosystems, food supplies and how we interface with non-human . Studying Marine Biology, Fine Arts and a Master of Electronic Art, Stadon’s PhD focuses on how art can better our understanding of bio-digital convergence. Stadon is the director of and TeleAgriCulture and has lectured for over 15 years across art, design, fashion and games in Australia, Mexico, Austria, Italy, England, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, China, America and Japan. Stadon publishes/exhibits/performs regularly and is currently a live-in resident at 3erHof: a project in the field of tension between agriculture, art and living.