Attention. This section is under construction. Although the site is open to the public, it is only at the beginning of its development. Stadtwerkstatt has always been a project with many participants. We would be pleased to receive support in collecting material and information, including additions and corrections to the existing data and to the individual projects. Above all we need support in creating the personal metadata of the individual files. In some cases it is unknown, for example, who made the camera and/or participated in some other way. In many cases, the existing information needs to be supplemented, possibly even corrected.

Good. Even though the area is by far not completely developed, there is still a more than full evening program available.

In the meantime. Ten percent of the total stock of more than a thousand analogue video cassettes that are in the STWST's inventory have been digitised.

The archives of the others

This video area is also under construction.

This is available in the ORF Archive


This video area is also under construction. But here you can already have a look at the past formats of STWST48 from 2017-2019.