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NCD Symposium

Club Culture in the Context of its Political Impact

Performative - Copious - Excessive

Night creatures scream: Reclaim the clubnight!
Club culture - who creates it, where does it develop, and does it even exist in Linz? Lose yourself in the music, the moment.

If you only have one shot, don't miss the chance to explode. NIGHT CREATURE'S DEAMONS wants to tear something up. It wants to tear things apart, dissect, observe, grasp, absorb and get to know alternatives.

Those acting in this series of events are united by an examination of electronic music, club culture, rave, techno culture on a contextualized level, encountering each other in various forms of expression beyond the musical level.

Starting with perfomances and live acts, the night turns into a self-empowering club night that follows new concepts of clubbing By morning, the demons of the night are eaten.

New concepts need spaces where they can be tested to establish themselves. Empowerment on the dance floor. Dancing,
losing oneself and creating an approach to a space of unfolding, of experimentation, of living out what is hidden in the daylight, or has to be, because it is suppressed there by discrimination and stigmatization.

Empower FLINTA and queers, exclude the norm.
Yes, baby, you got canceled, stop crying!

The 5 Night Creature's Deamons NIGHTS

Night Creature's Deamons consists of 5 nights.

25. February 2023
Evita Manji | sch4tz1 | AwA\* | MARAws b2b same | Mursal

Evita Manji - Musician and vocalist Evita Manji is connecting the dots between the human experience, climate change, quantum physics and death, in an attempt to dig deeper into the primordial truth of existence. Through their carefully constructed practice of synthesis and sound design, led by choir inspired vocals, they fabricate musical worlds consisted of ever-expanding sonic organisms and shapeless solid non-materials.

sch4tz1 - Linz based DJ and composer ✧\*:·゚✧sch4tz1✧\*:·゚✧explores the far natures of music and is inspired by mystical, rare and electric sounds, especially those from the club culture.

AwA\* – collective for awareness work - event support, awareness in public space, educational work and concepts - will implement an awareness concept on this evening and manage the admission to the event. In addition, the AwA\* collective will curate the DJ lineup following Evita Manji and sch4tz1. And this is it:
MARAws b2b same
MARAws and same play post-club and alternative music ever since they started djing together as a b2b rave-fixture. They share a sensitivity for both sensible club tendencies and a keen knowledge of the current Soundcloud-Bangers. MARAws organises the event series Augend&Addend, while same also plays live-shows under the same name and organises shift club - - both are part of the label Jeopardize and based in Vienna.
Mursal is a vienna based dancer and dj. She plays gqom, lisbon beats, noise and more
More infos and all links: NCD I at STWST Club.

FLINTA*DJ Workshop, March 23, Begin 18:30
Admission on a donation basis, workshop with limited number of participants, duration approx. 3 hours
Following the workshop, there will be a Noise Meetup Girls Jam.
The session starts at about 22:30 h

DJ*workshop for FLINTA* (Women, Lesbian, Inter, Trans, Agender), i.e. for people who are affected by gender-based discrimination, a form of discrimination that is also practiced in nightlife and in the electronic music scene. The workshop is aimed at beginners and gives a practical and theoretical insight into the techniques of digital DJing. The functionality of different controllers, programs and mixers will be explained and tested. Since this technical equipment is usually very expensive and learning is also about practicing a lot, alternatives are shown that are cheaper or even free of charge.
If you want to try out your own favorite music right away, it's best to take it with you on a USB stick.

The workshop will be led by ronit,
DJ*, producer and media educator from Linz.
ronit at Soundcloud, ronit at Insta

+++ Language: The workshop will be held in German.

Registration until March 20 to:
The number of participants is limited.
With an option to try out later what we have learned in a joint DJ set at Cafe Strom.

Infos also here: NCD FLINTA*DJ Workshop at STWST Club

29. April
FLINTA* only event!
22:00-04:00h, !Track release starts on time at 22:30!
Entrance policy: Pay as you can

! rave against toxic structuresヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ acid in your face .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.dance the pain away (^◕.◕^) empowerment and solidarity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you are not alone !

ronit & sugar pa!
track release and project “silence, i kill you”
us night creatures will kill the silence
we are many. we are not alone.
dark acid set
Up from 00:30 NNY Sounds will take over the Djing with this lineup:
djx radio maria, queer nebula, g/t sabo


FLINTA* only event!
FLINTA* stands for women, lesbians, inter-, non-binary, trans and agender people, i.e. people who are affected by gender-based discrimination.

The evening is designed for all persons who feel they belong to the term FLINTA*. This sense of belonging is not recognisable through outward appearances. Therefore, no selection can, should or will be made at the entrance according to these criteria. The decision to attend the event is your own responsibility and the responsibility towards the space you are entering. This means treating each other with respect and consideration and avoiding any assumptions and attributions of other people's gender identity. All participants (technical staff, bar, box office, awareness team, artists, DJs) on this evening are exclusively FLINTA* people.

sugar pa! - track release
professinal trouble maker / skilled bitch / your boxes have become my playground / my vulnerability was not my power / i don't stand “between chairs” but i grab my own / if i m TOO fast, then you're “too” slow / #ikilledtheband / who get's to decide who is a freak? / bad ass midle finger work out / happiness is a choice?! callout : idiot / we may destroy you. who cares?! / i want new Problems because the old ones are boring me /mahlzeit! / bapa!

Ronit - Track release + dark acid set
ronit lives and works in linz. ronit has already worked here as a cultural worker in various associations (e.g. habitat, willy*fred, fredda, das kollektiv, fiftitu%). since 2008 at the dj desks and since 2020 as a producer, her heart beats to deep, melodic and acid techno. Ronit Soundcloud, Ronit Bandcamp

nny sounds (no name yet sounds): awareness concept + dj lineup
The crew consisting of a queer&trans majority, are people from RADS, an anarcha-queer-feminist bike gang, which started a DJx/Soundsystem collective together with other FLINTAs. Based in Vienna, we have been organizing raves with a bike sound system and have also been DJing on the bike. We are pro mobile safer-braver spaces at mixed parties and love flinta*only raves.
FLINTA – Women, Lesbians, Inter, Trans, Agender – people who are affected by gender-based violence.

More Infos and all links: NCD III auf der STWST Clubseite.

May 25, Entrance 21:00 h
Lineup: Sister Clara | Drug Searching Dogs

Night Creatures Deamons bite back! A Noise Performance Evening: 'Drug Searching Dogs' show their teeth under deafening barking. And noise artist Fabíola appears droning as space nun Sister Clara. Afterwards there will be a DJ set by Gunship Collider & pnk_t in Cafe Strom.

Performance artist Fabíola aka Sister Clara from Portugal, currently living in Berlin, is ASMR and Space
Nun. A show between soap opera, noise, minimal, dreamcore, spoken word, hardcore and pop. Fabíola merges sculpture and movement in a limitless vocal expression. She travels and performs with her own bed. @fabs.asmr is her allias for her series of radio and streaming ASMR improvised sets, which embody diverse self-made characters and their universes, such as Dr. Fabi, Sister Clara, Selene and The Space nuns. EPHID Fabiola @fabs.asmr by Fabiola

The Drug searching dogs mark their territory by surpassing the capacities of your fav club's PA. Drawing their inspiration from Gabber, Harsh Noise and Punk the trio blasts an amalgam of heavily distorted walls of bass, screetching highs and razor-edge vocals. With deafening barks against all oppression, the war on drugs will soon end. DSD Bandcamp

More infos and all links: NCD IV at STWST Club.

NCD V - June 10 - Lineup tba

June 10, from 22:00
Edgar Lessig with Anna Boehme, Hanne Deheegher, Ada Sanderell und Julia Witas
Tony Renaissance
GLOBAL FYRE 2099 - with DJ Shinsekai, Shamani Boi und Selena Pommes

The last club night of the event series NIGHT CREATURE'S DEAMONS at 10.06.23 is under the slogan “You can't hide the pop!” At the end we celebrate the genre deconstruction!

The masks of club cultural debate fall and the basic characteristics of a pop cultural facet appear, which even any subcultural claim can't hide. Those acting in this night, are connected by an examination of the deconstruction of existing categories and forms of expression, as well as the dissolution of genres.

The night starts
with a performance by Edgar Lessig (with Anna Boehme, Hanne Deheegher, Ada Sanderell and Julia Witas):

Don’t use your time, kill it
Don’t use your time, kill it. Forget what you wanted to do and never think of it again. Drive a few more laps in the roundabout. Don’t find a way out. Have no plans. Lie down again. Fall over and scrape your knee. Lose your favourite top. Don’t live in the moment. Leave it be. Don’t go away, walk around the block. Look at the birds. You don’t wanna be like them. Forget about the dishes. Don’t air out your room. Jump out the window. You have all the time in the world and everything to lose. Be sad. No need to be happy. Don’t stay young forever. Start to rot. Forget yourself. Don’t stay who you are. Let it be. Stop, don’t even start. Let the water boil a little longer. Eat the pasta raw. Don’t meet your friends. Lie in the sun. Get red. Let it hurt you. You deserve it.
We’re good enough and from now on we’ll just stay put. This is by no means resignation, but rather radical self-empowerment. Don’t use your time, kill it shows dancers making music or perhaps musicians making dance, maybe neither nor. In any case, the performance shows five people following their own logic and thus building parallel worlds. Those in which they don't have to prove anything. Those in which they owe nothing to nobody.

Followed by a concert of Tony Renaissance:
Tony Renaissance, alias of musician and artist Tony Wagner, explores the intrinsic connections between soft and harsh sounds while opening space for care and exaltation. Dealing with loss, lust, pain, desire, queer joy and transformation, Tony Renaissance’s sound seeks intensities on an emotional spectrum. Sensitively constructed vocal sample arrangements topped with spoken texts contrast rhythmic noise productions with distorted glitching vocals, pushing pulses up to 163bpm. Tony is working as promoter, event organizer and co-manager of the Vienna based label Tender Matter within which they are highlighting the work of queer, non-binary, Trans and gender nonconforming artists in electronic music. Tony Renaissance’s EP “Dreamreality” was released in 2020 and their follow up EP “Xxxerberus” in 2022 via Tender Matter.

Afterwards, the collective GLOBAL FYRE 2099 will take over, which also accompanies this evening as an awareness team. In addition, they have brought a DJ lineup that includes the residencies of GLOBAL FYRE 2099, DJ Shinsekai, Shamani Boi and Selena Pommes, as well as the DJ duo VIBRISSE from Turin.

VIBRISSE is a two-headed project based in Turin, Italy. Mainly focused on high-BPM hardcore club genres but also incorporating contemporary hybrid club influences, VIBRISSE work through fast-paced, unpredictable selections on demolishing any kind of separation between music genres as well as people and emotions. The duo puts into music the current digitally-augmented society's practice of leveling up past, present, and future timelines in one momentous instant, crafting eventful, energizing experiences on the dancefloor where heavy tracks from all over the hardcore spectrum (uptempo, frenchcore, jcore, gabber, makina) meet with unsuspected bangers from other club realms (slowstyle, edm, 160 club, donk). Their tracks have been released on hardcore and experimental labels such as Safe Cloud Records (FR), Country Music (SE), Burenhinder (BE), Club Late Music (FR), and Nightcore4TotalSluts (UK), while their uncompromising mixes appeared on pivotal platforms in the scene among which figure Childsplay (UK), Wixapolonia (PL), Gabber Industries Berlin (DE), Ashida Park (AU), Soul Feeder (ITA/DE), Unizone (CZ), The Donkline (UK), Art Dream Foundation (UK/CH), and more.

More infos at NCD V at STWST Club.

Club Culture in the Context of its Feminist Impact

The series NIGHT CREATURE'S DAEMONS acts from a feminist self-understanding of LGBTIAQ+ and FLINTA* persons and understands its emancipatory orientation as queerfeminist solidarization - and beyond that as solidarization with stigmatized and
discriminated groups. There will be 3 long club nights (10-04pm) and 2 shorter club nights (7pm-2pm) scheduled as part of the series. The individual event evenings have a different focus. One example is the FLINTA* club night event on April 29: positions are invited which break the silence about sexualized violence in their performances and furthermore bring topics of their own and at the same time structural experiences into club culture and process them in acid techno. In addition, a FLINTA*DJ workshop, scheduled for March 23, will take place on one of the two shorter evenings. This workshop is meant to open up access to the technique of DJing and therefore to participation and presence of FLINTA* persons in the future club culture.

As part of the NIGHT CREATURE'S DEAMONS series, each club night event will also be hosted by a safer space and awareness concept regarding queerfeminist orientation. As it is known, Safer Spaces refer to concepts that are sensitive to the realities of the lives of marginalized individuals or groups. Safer Spaces intend to create a safe framework in which people can rely on the fact that strategies for action in conflict situations are available and that the attending people also see themselves as an active part of the awareness team. Within this series, this means that each club night will be accompanied by a specific awareness concept: The 3 long nights will be hosted by concepts of the collectives AWA*, Global FYRE 2099 and nny sounds (more tba).

AwA* - Collective for Awareness Work from Vienna - event support, awareness in public space, educational work and concepts.

GLOBAL FYRE 2099™ is a collective that organises a new series of conceptual parties to transform, fragment, recreate and transcend a new normality.

++nny sounds (no name yet sounds)++ consists of a queer&trans majority, people from the RADS, an anarcha-queer-feminist bike gang, who started a DJx/soundsystem collective together with other FLINTAs. Based in Vienna, they have been organizing raves with bike sound system there and have been DJing on the bike. They are pro mobile safer-braver spaces at mixed parties and love flinta*only raves.


The experience of the collectives will be used and translated into a practice on the ground. By testing different concepts of celebration, which are presented in variations of awareness concepts and different approaches to door politics, shall be adapted for on-site practice. In addition to the targeted club audience, a small circle of Linz club organisers will also be specifically invited: The aim is to lay the foundation for reflection on these concepts and further discussion in the STWST and beyond - with a focus on awareness and safer space for FLINTA*, BIPoC and people from the LGBTIAQ+ community.

Night Creature's Deamons Curator

Night Creature‘s Deamons is curated by Mika Egal.

Mika Egal is active since two years in criticizing the (cultural) structures of the city of Linz. In doing so, she has had to realize that the same questions have been asked for decades, but they remain unanswered. Using moments of failure and irritation as an artistic strategy, she tries to re-contextualize these questions in order to provoke answers.

Her own works move on the border of unprofessionalism. With a musical focus on disharmony, anti-music, noise and confusion, she is active in various groups and solo. Her sonic approaches to sound structures test them for their political impact. In her sound performances she works with selfmade instruments, locations, field recordings, postures and the self-resonance of materials.


Discourses between club contexts and FLINTA/Queers empowerment feed into the paper Versorgerin.

The awareness discourses flow into the STWST.


As part of a cooperation of the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Art in Linz and STWST will take place:

Symposium Reclaim!

Club Nights, Housing Struggles and Urban Open Spaces

Wed, 28 June 2023, Stadtwerkstatt Danube Shore and STWST

  • From 17:00, STWST Donaulände, Lectures with:

Eugenia Seriakov: No Future on the Dancefloor - Free Tekno as Antithesis to Club Culture.
A critical essay about the Free Tekno scene in German-speaking countries, especially in Berlin & Dresden, and its inherent contradictions. To what extent does Free Tekno provide an alternative to a growing club culture? Who has access? And how sustainable is the concept “free party for free people” really?

Chrislane Barros Bomfim da Silva: Club Culture from a Black Feminist Perspective.
Sharing experiences about the hurdles of the club scene (cultural appropriation, exclusion, and lack of resources), as well as the importance of safe spaces, reappropriation, and empowerment.

Bianca Ludewig: Sound and Club Cultures between Powerlessness and Empowerment.

  • Musical Intermezzo
  • Pause
  • VELODROME: RAD Performance

As VELODROME electronic music rotates and circles the audience. The bicycle is vehicle, instrument and actor at the same time. VELODROME explores electronic and experimental music in terms of speed, tempo and movement, creating a multi-channel sound experience. The relational play with bodies, formations, wheels and music results in its own visual-acoustic choreography. At the interface with performance and sound art, the bicycle becomes an artistic medium. Can methods of sound processing be transferred to the bicycle or to movement? Acoustic and spatial experiences are created through the choral movement of performers and sound on the bicycle. It is a moving sound performance that constantly changes acoustically and visually in the space and dynamically integrates it through the changing positions of the cyclists and speakers. (*Conny Zenk, RAD*)

  • From 21:30, Stadtwerkstatt

DJ Lineup, Exhibition, Performance and Screening, with:

Lotte Beisenherz, Liza Belkevich, Sophie Buchner, Leyla Dehring, Gudrun Franz, Lukas Greiderer, Marlene Grinner, Nathan Grinzinger, Lena Haslinger, Anna Häupl, Robert Hinta, Maximilian Niederer, Thomas Obristhofer, Liza Rashica, Valentina Ritt, Lotta Röll, Marina Weinzierl, Janice Wette, Gero, Nora Zeiner, ronit, Bastian Lehner, Catrin Manoli aka Cooky, Sarah Praschak, Florian Winkler

Projects from the course “Sound II - Klang & Gestaltung”
Gerald Wöss — „fragile“
Florian Winkler — „shards“
Bastian Lehner — „disruptive recordings“ 
Sarah Mo Praschak — „drift“ & „burning down this concrete land“
Cochlea — „obduction“

The symposium is a cooperation between the Kunstuniversität Linz and STWST.
Moritz Pisk contributes the experiences from his course “reclaiming spaces: Häuserkampf und Popkultur”, Lukas Jakob Löcker contributes the knowledge from his seminar “Sound: Klang & Gestaltung”. Mika Egal has developed the series “Night Creature's Deamons. Club Culture in the Context of its Political Impact” for the STWST. A project by Mika Egal, Lukas Jakob Löcker and Moritz Pisk.

In this context, appeared in the Versorgerin:

A first text was published as a conversation between Mika Egal and Moritz Pisk in Versorgerin 137: Reclaim the Clubnight! Gegen die Dominanz der Normalität, March 2023. (Only in german language)

A second contribution appeared as a text collage by Bianca Ludewig, Lukas Jakob Löcker, Conny Zenk, Mika Egal and Moritz Pisk in Versorgerin 138: Reclaim!, Juni 2023. (Only in german language)

Symposium BIOS:

Bianca Ludewig is a cultural scientist, cultural worker and music journalist. She studied philosophy, cultural anthropology, and European ethnology in Hamburg and Berlin, and received her PhD from the University of Innsbruck with a study on “Transmedia Festivals.” In 2018, her book “Utopia and Apocalypse in Pop Music. Gabber and Breakcore in Berlin.” In her research she analyzes ambivalences of postmodern urban life - in music, art and culture.

Chrislane Barros Bomfim da Silva is deputy chairwoman of the association “Jaapo - for participation of Black and Women of Color” and chairwoman of the association “Jabali - Young Black Generation Austria”. She is an anti-racism trainer focusing on anti-racist awareness and education work from a Black feminist perspective. Her commitment is based on the experiences and demands of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Eugenia Seriakov aka Cate Hops. With a scientific background in visual and media anthropology, her ideas revolve around the concept of space as social practice. Musically, she embeds herself in the Berlin bass scene, fusing ambient, early roots reggae with futuristic sound patterns from all areas. Recently she has also been working on her own live noise improvisations.
With the ongoing project “Sound System Culture: On the Radical Roots of Rave” she initiates events where the audience actively participates. In her radio show, she invites guests from her network to discuss with her and play their favorite tracks. As a researcher, Eugenia Seriakov also gives talks, e.g. at the ICTM conference in Lisbon, the Unsafe+Sounds Festival Vienna, the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Humboldt University Berlin.>

RAD Performance: Sound Art & Performance: Brigitta Bödenauer, Fabian Lanzmaier, Gischt, Jakob Schauer, Conny Zenk. Artistic Director: Conny Zenk, Technical Director: Georg Hartl, Produktion: Lena Kauer | der goldene shit.

Symposium in some Images:

Day, outside:

Evening, STWST Maindeck:

Night, inside:


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