Noise Meetup Workshops

Noise Meetup is an initiative to learn, perform and share about experimental sound.

Noise-Meetup-events 2024 in STWST:

Noise Meetup Workshops 2024

These were the Noise-Meetup events in autumn 2023 in STWST:

Quircy Circuits
28. Oct, 13:00 - 18:00
hosted by
Mascha Illich & Ludwig Klöckner.

In our next workshop, Mascha is presenting her synthesizer kits and shows their build and possible hacks. Ludwig gives a short introduction to audio/synth electronics and shows how to creatively develop own circuit variants.
Depending on prior knowledge participants will build either oscillator, optical theremin, atari punk console or a delay/echo. Due to joint troubleshooting, circuit errors will be found and fixed, guaranteeing that participants will carry home their own working quircy circuit…

The workshop is suitable for all participants regardless of previous knowledge.

Mascha Illich is a mathematician, sculptor and musician. She has been organizing the Noise Meetup Linz since 2019.
Ludwig Klöckner is a musician, instrument builder and Diy-enthusiast - both are students of the Masters for Experimental Musical Instrument Making (Postdigital Lutherie) at the Kunstuni Linz.

Workshop costs: 30 EUR, inkluding one DIY-Kit. Troubleshooting of the Kits from the previous workshops can be done free of charge.

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DIY Electronic Workshop in STWST
25. Nov 23, 14:00 - 19:00
hosted by
Reinhard Reisenzahn

This workshop is for everyone who is interested in experimental sound generation and wants to know more about the construction and use of analog music devices or electronic instruments. With soldering iron and hand tools a playable instrument is created from electronic components. Instead of an industrially manufactured circuit board, the concept of Paper-PCBs by the Berlin artist Wolfgang Spahn is used. This is ideal for the uncomplicated and inexpensive realization of simple circuits. The workshop is suitable for advanced participants who want to expand their repertoire of instruments as well as for beginners who want to enter the world of DIY-Electronics. During the subsequent experimentation with the self-made instruments, basic knowledge about signal flow, sound synthesis and the use of control voltage from the field of modular synthesizers can be gained.

Paper-PCB Manual

The following devices can be built in the workshop:

Mini-Patch, semimodular Synthesizer
Mini-Patch is a compact analog synthesizer. The parameters of the Mini-Patch can be controlled like a modular synthesizer with control voltage of an integrated LFO. It is also possible to connect several modules to create more complex
Cornelia, Distortion/Filter-Effect
An effect unit with controls for overdrive and tone, similar to a distortion effect for guitars. Suitable for all audio signals, whether from a microphone, keyboard or music from a smartphone.
Amp With No Name, Audio Amplifier
A simple mono amplifier that can be used as a preamp for microphones or to amplify line signals for a speaker.

The prices of the kits that can be soldered:
Mini Patch €22, Cornelia €15, Amp €10

Reinhard Reisenzahn, born 1984, lives and works in Linz and Stadt Haag.He studies media art at the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz and works as a sound engineer. Exploring the physical limits of sound and acoustics as well as dealing with electronic technology is the focus of his work. His field of activity includes professional work in sound reinforcement in the cultural and event sector on the one hand and experimenting with obsolete media used in installations and performances on the other.

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These were the Noise-Meetup events in spring 2023 in STWST:

In spring, Anna Sophie Adelt and Mascha Illich did it together:
They curated and organized workshops and performance events.
They hope to make your ears buzz and tickle!!!

23rd of March, 22:30: Girls Jam, STWST
The Girls Jam will take place after the FLINTA*DJ workshop as part of Night Creature's Deamons.

1st of April, 14:00 - 18:00
Sebastian Six
Circuit Bending Workshop

Dear participants.

I am glad that you are interested in the Circuit Bending Workshop.

Circuit bending is an experimental art form in which electronic devices are modified to create new and unexpected sounds. In the workshop, you will learn how to alter circuits and add new connections to turn electronic devices such as keyboards, toy instruments, and other sound generators into wild and untamable sound machines.

To participate in the workshop, it is best for each*person to bring a toy keyboard or other sound generator that you would like to modify.
!! Please note that not all devices are suitable for circuit bending!
It is best to bring a battery-powered device that still works and is allowed to break.

At the end of the workshop you should have built at least one simple modification or hack, and thus tickled the spirit out of your instruments.

The workshop is suitable for all participants, regardless of their experience with electronics and music production.

I am looking forward to soldering, hacking and creating sounds together.

Sebastian Six is a multidisciplinary Artist. Acoustic experiments, sculptural assemblages, procedural interventions and the physical component of sound are the central elements of his musical and visual compositions. In his artistic works, small interventions often trigger processes whose outcome cannot always be certain. In addition, he focuses his acoustic and artistic performances on the different ways of creating sounds. This ranges from everyday objects to self-made instruments. In this way he creates filigree improvised music that oscillates between experiment, session and concept.

07th of April, 18:30: ADELITA ESCAPES & SPACE GEAR (VIE), Sound Performance, Raumschiff

26th of of May, 18:30: GRAUER HACKBRATEN AUS DER MENSA (VIE), Sound Performance, Raumschiff

27. Mai, 14:00 - 18:00
Andreea Vladut & Florine Mougel

Let’s tickle the electronics!
During the 4 hours workshop, we will engage in building a video synthesizer on a yellow PCB.

The Synchopath will deflect your vision from reality to Composite Video Synchadelics!
The video synthesizer gathers both capabilities of the Videffektor (designed by James Schidlowsky) and the Schele Mixer (designed by Gieskes) with some audio mods for live A/V performance.

How it works:
You give it a 9V power supply, 1 or 2 Composite video signals, possibly 1 audio too, to get more crazy, turn the pots and push the switches to get 1 distorted Composite Video out.

Tickle the electronics: Building a video synthesizer
No. of participants: 10
Price : 20 EUR

Basic skills in soldering are welcome (beginner).
Please bring with you the patience for soldering. 
Let’s hack some images together!

Presentation RGBastler
Introduction: Synchopath - presentation on the means of electronics
Building the video-synth 
Hacking the image - tryouts
To end up, we´ll plug a video signal through all the Synchopaths in a chain and see what crazy output we get on the screen!

RGBastler is an artist collective formed by media artists Florine Mougel (FR) and Andreea Vladut (RO). Both of the artists followed the master’s degree program of Time-Based Media, Kunstuniversität Linz. With a focus on sound art, they engage with matters where technology, materiality, and performativity become critical. Influenced as much by electroacoustic music as video art, their works rethink the potential of signals as an aesthetic material, composing poetic sound atmospheres from which emerges an implicit narration.

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