Don’t use your time, kill it

Performance by Edgar Lessig
with Anna Boehme, Hanne Deheegher, Ada Sanderell and Julia Witas

10. June 2023, from 22:00, STWST
within the framework of Night Creature's Daemons

Don’t use your time, kill it. Forget what you wanted to do and never think of it again. Drive a few more laps in the roundabout. Don’t find a way out. Have no plans. Lie down again. Fall over and scrape your knee. Lose your favourite top. Don’t live in the moment. Leave it be. Don’t go away, walk around the block. Look at the birds. You don’t wanna be like them. Forget about the dishes. Don’t air out your room. Jump out the window. You have all the time in the world and everything to lose. Be sad. No need to be happy. Don’t stay young forever. Start to rot. Forget yourself. Don’t stay who you are. Let it be. Stop, don’t even start. Let the water boil a little longer. Eat the pasta raw. Don’t meet your friends. Lie in the sun. Get red. Let it hurt you. You deserve it.
We’re good enough and from now on we’ll just stay put. This is by no means resignation, but rather radical self-empowerment. Don’t use your time, kill it shows dancers making music or perhaps musicians making dance, maybe neither nor. In any case, the performance shows five people following their own logic and thus building parallel worlds. Those in which they don't have to prove anything. Those in which they owe nothing to nobody.

Edgar Lessig is at home in art, but also leaves for a stroll from time to time. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Arts Linz and currently works on his thesis on ‘Art and Chaos’ in Applied Studies of Culture and Art there. At the moment he completes a dance program in contemporary dance at Tanzfabrik, Berlin.

Supported by Stadtwerkstatt
Special thanks to Tanja Brandmayr, Karim Hussein, Tina Graßegger and Hanna Hegenscheidt/Studio 142

Don't use your time, kill it was created in response to STWST's invitation to Edgar Lessig and was subsequently programmed into the Night Creature's Daemons club series.

Some Impressions - Performance, 10th of July 2023: