2018 - The port of desire - launch 2018 - panoramic view

In cooperation with the association halfbit.org we operate the “Port of Desire” in the Taun since 2019. In the harbor is the ship “Eleonore” on the ship various projects and an artist in residence program are carried out.

The electromagnetic space as a workspace
Linz - Lunzerstr 90b
In the port is the Eleonore

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Von Donau und Nautik

Donautics is an association of people who, for a variety of motives, enjoy being on the water and working with it. These people are mostly organized in the association Verein Halfbit.org.
It was the independence and autonomy that shaped the profile of artists. In times of high-tech media and controlled information provision, however, this is becoming increasingly difficult. For artists and other free thinkers it is important to maintain an independent observer position in this new world order. Attempts have been made - especially since the development of the Internet - to organize themselves into independent groups of cultural workers. In Austria this was public netbase, mur.at or servus.at but also internationally there was this phenomenon of island formation for cultural and artistic workers, like V2, thing.net, international city Berlin, digital city Amsterdam etc.

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Schwimmkörper als Inseln

The information age is making the world smaller. There are fewer and fewer retreats to be able to reflect on these developments - for this reason, we are creating islands for people who want to continue to observe these developments.

In the port there are tree sponsorships

Older Projects

Beyond the Water 2017

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storchennest idee 2012 - 2015

Dorkboat2013 2014

Die Schiffsmühle 2014

The Float 2013

100 Jahre Stwst 2013-2079
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